Monday, January 2, 2012

24 Weeks!

Dear Hunter,

This is what we look like now, at 24 weeks! I can't believe how much we are growing. It is starting to get harder to roll over in bed and to especially get comfortable. You should be the size of a large EAR of Corn by now! You are still a little busy boy at night time and really busy after French Toast or Pancakes. The way that you move is so soft and slow though, nothing too out of this world. Although it is very reassuring to feel you moving around in there. We were very busy over this Christmas and New Year's holiday, I think I over did it a little too much, we were both pretty exhausted. I will take it easy for the next month! (i hope)

Everyone is so excited for you to arrive, the Tante's love to feel you kick and talk to you through my belly button everytime they see us. Nana bought you all of your diapers they are the cutest colors and I have them all sized and washed and ready for your little bum! Everytime we see her, she gives us another little goody bag for you, with something for you to wear or keep you warm, and Nonna got you, your wooden letters to spell out your name on the wall of your room.
I just can't wait to have you in my arms, well actually I can. I am really enjoying being pregnant. We have scheduled your arrival date, Monday, April 23rd!!! What a special day that will be. I can't wait to see Logan meet you for the first time.
As usual I am enjoying nesting, however Daddy is not. I keep him pretty busy with lists of things to do. Even though your room was Logan's (your Big Brother) and we only had to move his clothes and toys out of it, there is still lots to do to get it ready! I will take some pictures soon of your room after it is complete. However, you will be in our room for awhile, it your sweet bassinet once you arrive home. We love you and will be checking in with the doctor at the end of the month! Stay cozy!

Love, Mama

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  1. You're having a baby this year!!! Getting close :)