Monday, June 25, 2012

Tahoe! First family vacation as 4

Tahoe, our favorite place! For Father's Day Logan and I planned a trip for daddy, a trip to the cabin in Tahoe!!! On the way up there we stopped off in Sacramento to have lunch with one of our favorite little families, The Kelly's, by the end of lunch they were coming up with us! It couldn't have been sweeter having Ryan there for his first Father's Day, just like Mitchell had just a couple of years ago. Logan was so excited to play with Finn at the cabin and at the lake.

Lauren and I shared a few nursing sessions together, my current favorite past time. We had to take a picture of the two of us to document this special time, which will end all too soon. Logan was a big boy this trip and slept in a big boy bed in his sleeping bag and only fell out of bed once. Yes, he fell out of bed still in his sleeping bag.
Logan saw the big trampolines in town and was begging us to jump, "I get a ticket, I jump," he said. So of course we bought him his ticket and took him to jump but he did not want to wear the belt, a little crying occured, so that was the end of that.

The Lake! Rum Runners, peeing by trees, ducks and awesome company! What more could you ask for.

Yes, that is Logan taking a pee by the tree at the lake. He said he had to go and when your potty training and the child says that they have to go, by all means let them go!

Taylor Creek, our official Father's Day tradition. Logan was taken here when he was just 4 months old and well back again at 2 and Hunter at 2 months. Logan really liked it this time of course. He is all about Fish. and dinosaurs, dragons and well any animal really.

It was a wonderful trip. This marked a lot of good things for the Caldwell Family, Logan sleeping in a big boy bed and actually staying in it until we came to get him. Hunter sleeping 6 - 7 hours a night, putting him in his crib when we came home, first of many trips with the Kelly family, Hunter is a great traveler, Logan watching a movie in the truck, and well the first of many trips as a family of 4!
Father's Day 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

2 "MonthDay"

Dear Hunter, You are now 2 months old! 2 Months is quite a milestone for you, sleeping 6 - 7 hours a night, less crying, awake alot more during the day and your baby acne has cleared up. I can most times predict what you want. Usually after you have nursed and been changed you just want to be swaddled and left alone, otherwise look out "let the crying begin." Sometimes though I do get to cuddle with you, and I always cuddle and tell you how handsome you are during your nursing sessions. Which by the way still come every 2 to 2.5 hours from one another.

You still have your moments where you look like your brother but then the next moment you have your own look. Logan is still very fascinated by you. He still lets us know when you are crying and says "I go check!" I think you two will be very close and hope that you remain close through your adult life. There is nothing like having a sibling to remember life with. 
Everyday is a new day for you, and I hope this happy baby remains because we have lots planned for the summer!
Love, Mama
Hugs & Kisses
Stay tuned for pictures of your first family vacation, Tahoe 2012.