Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tess "the Princess" Turned 4!

It is a new year and Logan is at that age now where he LOVES to be around his cousins and play, play, play. So with a new year beginning, birthday season on the Cabral family is in FULL effect! First up.........Princess Tess with a  Christmas themed birthday party. Her birthday is January 17th, so Christmas themed is just right. Santa even came to the party........

Before Santa came there was pin the star on the tree and then Santa made his grand entrance while all of the kids were playing peacefully outside. Logan of course wanted nothing to do with Santa, remember "Visiting Santa"? He was cool just driving around in the fisher price car.

Santa invited all the kids to come inside out of the cold and play a game of musical chairs with him. Logan again kept to himself with a few other little ones playing in the other room. Which was a good thing because cake came right after musical chairs and I didn't have to be a mean / bad mama and tell him No to cake. (no worries he will get some on his birthday.

Then it was time to bundle up and go back outside for the Reindeer Pinata! Yes Reindeer, remember Christmas theme party. Again Logan was happy driving around in the car, although Big Pining tried hiding it from him a couple of times, but that didn't last, my boy has skills and is too smart for that.

Give me a week and you will see the best party of all!!!! (for the year!) Logan is turning 2! Stay tuned.

Monday, January 16, 2012

26 Weeks

Dear Hunter,
I cannot believe it, just two more weeks and we will be in our third trimester, the end is approaching. I am getting sad, I won't feel you moving or rolling anymore after that. But I know that you are growing big and strong right now, your manly parts are dropping this week, I know that might be too much information for some, but we are pretty excited about it. I am starting to get a lot of acid reflux and it is becoming VERY difficult to walk up the stairs, but once I get to the top I stop take a breath and remind myself that this is only for a short time and for good reason. Maybe you will have a full head of hair?

Logan likes to give you hugs, basically hugging my belly, and when I say, "say hello to Hunter", he puts his finger in my belly button, which these days is pretty non-existent, and gross! Yes, I DO NOT like fingers in my belly button, who does? But it is still cute and I let him do it. We are trying really hard to come up with a special gift for Logan from you for when we bring you home, what do you think he would like? A tractor? A special monster truck? Ideas please I need them.

Weird dreams are starting to happen too! I will tell you all about those tonight at storytime.

Stay cozy in there!
Love, Mama

Hugs and Kisses

Saturday, January 14, 2012

January Camping.....

Yes, you read the Post title correctly we went camping in January!!! Are we crazy? No, just dedicated campers that's all. We have Pa to thank for the camping trip, and believe me there will be MANY more camping trips this year and the next, and the next, now that we have this!!!!
That's right a pop-up tent trailer, Pa got it for us for Christmas, Birthday's, New Years, Hanukkah....so and so forth! Thanks again Pa!
We had a wonderful drive down HWY 101 and then 1 with a sleeping boy and we just couldn't wait to get there, Kirk Creek Campground south of Monterey (way south of Monterey, 64 miles south) so there was no trip to the aquarium this time around, and get all set up. Once we did it was picture time. Mitchell took pictures of our trailer all set up, inside and out. While Logan and I munched on some homemade chocolate chip cookies and milk.
                                                                                           Sunset our first night!
Then it was time for the boys, Logan and Daddy to build Mama a fire, to keep her and Hunter nice and warm. Logan was so excited once the fire was built he came yelling, "Mama, Mama BIG Phire!" "Phire Hot, Phire Hot!"
While Mama made Puttanesca for dinner Logan rode his bike and well, Mitchell messed around more with the trailer. The weather was gorgeous, it was about 65 or warmer most days, we camped for 3 nights. Logan played in the dirt, went down to the beach once with Daddy and then Mama made the HIKE, and I mean Hike for a 6 month pregnant woman! UGH!
                           sunset our second night!
By the Second night Logan was in desparate need of a bath and well with No showers at the campground, yes no showers, we did not shower for 2 1/2 days, finally by the last night we broke down and all bathed in the trailer. Yeah, it has a toilet and a shower, pretty sweet huh!!!!
Anyway, after alot of playing in the dirt and the sand at the beach Logan wasn't the cleanest of boys! (to say the least) So I put a little bit of warm water in the sink and lathered him up with soap, he actually liked it.
This was our last day there, Mitchell and Logan wanted to show Mama the water and all the fish, we didn't see any fish up close anyway. It was whale migrating season and we did see some spraying but we don't have any binoculars. So they both promised me we could go at my pace down the steep hill and my pace back up the steep hill. Of course there was lots of laughing at Mama trying to catch her breath, if I wasn't pregnant that hike would have been a peace of cake, but a two pound baby pressing up against your lungs......enough said.
     Mitchell swimming in the ocean......CRAZY!

January 2012 Family Photo

     sunset our last night
    Me catching my breath going back up the hill.

This was a wonderful Family trip, we got to relax, eat, camp, play yahtzee, eat, go to the beach, eat and did I mention eat. Remember I am pregnant, we love to eat. Next camping trip won't be for a few months, I am coming up on my third trimester and well, lots to get ready for! But believe me Hunter will be a camper too, just like the rest of us!

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Dentist!

The Dentist! Mama is all about clean teeth and fresh breath, so it was only fitting that when it was time for Daddy and Mommy to go to the dentist, Logan would too! We were both nervous and warned Dr. Allison that Logan tends to FREAK out at the doctors office. ANY doctors office, he went with me to a baby appointment once (only once) and lost it! But he is getting older and has a habit of surprising daddy and I every day with something new he likes or wants. Well, this visit to the dentist was another one of those pleasant surprises for us. He LOVED Dr. Allison and all of the dental hygenists, and of course they loved him.

This was also a special treat for mommy at the dentist because not only is this the dentist office I went to when I was around 3 years old but my dentist is Dr. Allison's dad, so now taking my baby there is an extra special treat! The entire office gets to meet yet another generation of Cabral (grand)children!

He was able to show Dr. Allsion how he brushes his teeth, opens wide and smiles with his front teeth and bottom teeth together. After playing with all of her equipment and drinking lots of water, he was given a Lightning McQueen toothbrush and was allowed to pick a toy out of the toy box. We will be visiting Dr. Allison again soon for another fun visit like this and then hopefully he will be brave enough to get his teeth polished.

This was quite a week of firsts for Logan too! Santa brought him a big boy booster seat to sit at the table and eat from and well, I forgot to put it up as I wasn't really ready for him to not be contained during meal time, but he surprised us once again and LOVES to sit at the table like a big boy and eat with the rest of us! He actually asks to sit in the chair throughout the day, we remind him it is just for when you are eating. He doesn't like to hear that!

Monday, January 2, 2012

24 Weeks!

Dear Hunter,

This is what we look like now, at 24 weeks! I can't believe how much we are growing. It is starting to get harder to roll over in bed and to especially get comfortable. You should be the size of a large EAR of Corn by now! You are still a little busy boy at night time and really busy after French Toast or Pancakes. The way that you move is so soft and slow though, nothing too out of this world. Although it is very reassuring to feel you moving around in there. We were very busy over this Christmas and New Year's holiday, I think I over did it a little too much, we were both pretty exhausted. I will take it easy for the next month! (i hope)

Everyone is so excited for you to arrive, the Tante's love to feel you kick and talk to you through my belly button everytime they see us. Nana bought you all of your diapers they are the cutest colors and I have them all sized and washed and ready for your little bum! Everytime we see her, she gives us another little goody bag for you, with something for you to wear or keep you warm, and Nonna got you, your wooden letters to spell out your name on the wall of your room.
I just can't wait to have you in my arms, well actually I can. I am really enjoying being pregnant. We have scheduled your arrival date, Monday, April 23rd!!! What a special day that will be. I can't wait to see Logan meet you for the first time.
As usual I am enjoying nesting, however Daddy is not. I keep him pretty busy with lists of things to do. Even though your room was Logan's (your Big Brother) and we only had to move his clothes and toys out of it, there is still lots to do to get it ready! I will take some pictures soon of your room after it is complete. However, you will be in our room for awhile, it your sweet bassinet once you arrive home. We love you and will be checking in with the doctor at the end of the month! Stay cozy!

Love, Mama