Saturday, January 14, 2012

January Camping.....

Yes, you read the Post title correctly we went camping in January!!! Are we crazy? No, just dedicated campers that's all. We have Pa to thank for the camping trip, and believe me there will be MANY more camping trips this year and the next, and the next, now that we have this!!!!
That's right a pop-up tent trailer, Pa got it for us for Christmas, Birthday's, New Years, and so forth! Thanks again Pa!
We had a wonderful drive down HWY 101 and then 1 with a sleeping boy and we just couldn't wait to get there, Kirk Creek Campground south of Monterey (way south of Monterey, 64 miles south) so there was no trip to the aquarium this time around, and get all set up. Once we did it was picture time. Mitchell took pictures of our trailer all set up, inside and out. While Logan and I munched on some homemade chocolate chip cookies and milk.
                                                                                           Sunset our first night!
Then it was time for the boys, Logan and Daddy to build Mama a fire, to keep her and Hunter nice and warm. Logan was so excited once the fire was built he came yelling, "Mama, Mama BIG Phire!" "Phire Hot, Phire Hot!"
While Mama made Puttanesca for dinner Logan rode his bike and well, Mitchell messed around more with the trailer. The weather was gorgeous, it was about 65 or warmer most days, we camped for 3 nights. Logan played in the dirt, went down to the beach once with Daddy and then Mama made the HIKE, and I mean Hike for a 6 month pregnant woman! UGH!
                           sunset our second night!
By the Second night Logan was in desparate need of a bath and well with No showers at the campground, yes no showers, we did not shower for 2 1/2 days, finally by the last night we broke down and all bathed in the trailer. Yeah, it has a toilet and a shower, pretty sweet huh!!!!
Anyway, after alot of playing in the dirt and the sand at the beach Logan wasn't the cleanest of boys! (to say the least) So I put a little bit of warm water in the sink and lathered him up with soap, he actually liked it.
This was our last day there, Mitchell and Logan wanted to show Mama the water and all the fish, we didn't see any fish up close anyway. It was whale migrating season and we did see some spraying but we don't have any binoculars. So they both promised me we could go at my pace down the steep hill and my pace back up the steep hill. Of course there was lots of laughing at Mama trying to catch her breath, if I wasn't pregnant that hike would have been a peace of cake, but a two pound baby pressing up against your lungs......enough said.
     Mitchell swimming in the ocean......CRAZY!

January 2012 Family Photo

     sunset our last night
    Me catching my breath going back up the hill.

This was a wonderful Family trip, we got to relax, eat, camp, play yahtzee, eat, go to the beach, eat and did I mention eat. Remember I am pregnant, we love to eat. Next camping trip won't be for a few months, I am coming up on my third trimester and well, lots to get ready for! But believe me Hunter will be a camper too, just like the rest of us!

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