Friday, January 6, 2012

The Dentist!

The Dentist! Mama is all about clean teeth and fresh breath, so it was only fitting that when it was time for Daddy and Mommy to go to the dentist, Logan would too! We were both nervous and warned Dr. Allison that Logan tends to FREAK out at the doctors office. ANY doctors office, he went with me to a baby appointment once (only once) and lost it! But he is getting older and has a habit of surprising daddy and I every day with something new he likes or wants. Well, this visit to the dentist was another one of those pleasant surprises for us. He LOVED Dr. Allison and all of the dental hygenists, and of course they loved him.

This was also a special treat for mommy at the dentist because not only is this the dentist office I went to when I was around 3 years old but my dentist is Dr. Allison's dad, so now taking my baby there is an extra special treat! The entire office gets to meet yet another generation of Cabral (grand)children!

He was able to show Dr. Allsion how he brushes his teeth, opens wide and smiles with his front teeth and bottom teeth together. After playing with all of her equipment and drinking lots of water, he was given a Lightning McQueen toothbrush and was allowed to pick a toy out of the toy box. We will be visiting Dr. Allison again soon for another fun visit like this and then hopefully he will be brave enough to get his teeth polished.

This was quite a week of firsts for Logan too! Santa brought him a big boy booster seat to sit at the table and eat from and well, I forgot to put it up as I wasn't really ready for him to not be contained during meal time, but he surprised us once again and LOVES to sit at the table like a big boy and eat with the rest of us! He actually asks to sit in the chair throughout the day, we remind him it is just for when you are eating. He doesn't like to hear that!

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