Monday, January 16, 2012

26 Weeks

Dear Hunter,
I cannot believe it, just two more weeks and we will be in our third trimester, the end is approaching. I am getting sad, I won't feel you moving or rolling anymore after that. But I know that you are growing big and strong right now, your manly parts are dropping this week, I know that might be too much information for some, but we are pretty excited about it. I am starting to get a lot of acid reflux and it is becoming VERY difficult to walk up the stairs, but once I get to the top I stop take a breath and remind myself that this is only for a short time and for good reason. Maybe you will have a full head of hair?

Logan likes to give you hugs, basically hugging my belly, and when I say, "say hello to Hunter", he puts his finger in my belly button, which these days is pretty non-existent, and gross! Yes, I DO NOT like fingers in my belly button, who does? But it is still cute and I let him do it. We are trying really hard to come up with a special gift for Logan from you for when we bring you home, what do you think he would like? A tractor? A special monster truck? Ideas please I need them.

Weird dreams are starting to happen too! I will tell you all about those tonight at storytime.

Stay cozy in there!
Love, Mama

Hugs and Kisses

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