Thursday, October 22, 2009

"He kicked me and Daddy too!"

Sorry we haven't written in awhile, we just haven't had much time. Getting Logan's room finished and spending time away. So let's see, where to begin..........

Sept. 25th, HE KICKED ME!! and I mean not just a little light kick he kicked and kicked and kept at it for a few minutes. Mitchell wasn't home, he was at work so of course I called the station to give him the news. He didn't want to believe it and was very jealous. But have no fear....... on

Sept. 27th at 19:57 while daddy and I were watching TV, daddy was resting his hand on mommy's belly and Logan was at it again! Mitchell's face lit up with excitement and he wouldn't and still to this day won't keep his hands off my belly. Which is a good thing, because Logan and daddy already have a bond. Whenever Mitchell's hand is on my belly Logan starts to kick and roll around.

Now I am already 25 weeks and I am sure that even without Mitchell's hand on my belly Logan is going and has started to kick without any encouragement. We talk to him, read to him and tell him how much we love him. Well, maybe I should rephrase that, I tell him these things and read to him. While Mitchell tells him all about Mommy and her emotional roller coaster that she is on. I AM PREGNANT, what does he expect! :) We will be in touch!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thank you Nana!!!

Nana came by on Saturday to deliver the bassinet, diapers (cloth) and help with planting in the backyard. This is where Logan will be sleeping when he comes home from the hospital. It rocks, and the basket comes right out of the frame so that you can set him anywhere in the house. Now he has a comfy place to sleep for his first couple of months. (maybe more.....)

We were able to get all of the diapers washed and ready for his arrival, I think I am going to be nesting the entire 9 months. I just can't seem to sit still, everytime I think of something that needs to be cleaned, washed, planted or fixed we get right to work. Some people say I may have a little bit of OCD, but I am just excited to prepare for his arrival, and any little thing I can do ahead of time, like washing diapers and putting them back together, helps keep me relaxed.
Stay tuned for more to come with Logan's room.........Daddy is still working on that closet.

Clean Bill of Health....

We went for our 20 week ultrasound on Tuesday. Everything is accounted for, he has 10 fingers and toes, a nose just like his Daddy. We were lucky enough to watch him in the womb for close to 45 minutes while the ultrasound technician made sure everything was growing as expected.
Mommy didn't do too well with that though, laying on your back with the weight of your uterus pressing down on your main blood flow can cause and did cause a little bit of nausea and light headedness. The technician was kind enough to let me roll to my side so I was able to get the blood flowing properly though. Logan was doing just fine while all of this took place, he rolled around, moved his arms, and legs. Also, as you can see from the picture was sure to show us that he likes to suck his thumb. I don't think he is very photogenic though, everytime the technician had the point of interest to take a picture Logan was sure to move.
We want to be sure and WARN you now...........Lock up your daughters!!!!!!!! As his dinha said he is going to be POPULAR!!!!!
Yes, You are looking right between his legs, we knew from our extra testing, that there was no doubt he is a boy, however we want to be sure and share with everyone a picture of proof!
Now you can't say that we didn't warn you!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

We did It, We are officially Registered!!!!!

Mitchell and I did it, we went up to Sacramento and registered for EVERYTHING that we need. I don't think he realized how much it takes to care for a baby. He had more fun doing the toys, and bath time goodies than anything else. Goore's in Sacramento is a huge, 30,000 square foot warehouse complete with everything you need. I picked there to register first because although it is far away, you can shop online and if you go to any other baby store and buy something that is on my registry at Goore's you simply tell the store you are at to request the item be taken off my registry at Goore's and they make the call. But have no fear we are also registered at Target and Pottery Barn Kids, for those of you that wish to go into a more local store.

I went with Dinha (Lisa) to Target on Thursday night to get that completed, that was fun. She was so excited, and was reminding me of when she had Amy, almost 14 years ago! Wow!! I really do know how time flys, I am cherishing everyday of being pregnant and will cherish everyday when Logan is finally here.

I am starting to feel like myself again, which is good. No more morning sickness, headaches or nausea. YEAH!!!! The first three months were rough. We will keep you up to date, next week we have our 20 week check up with Dr. King, whom is fabulous by the way. Then we are off to Walnut Creek for our final two appointments with the prenatal specialist and prenatal cardiologist. Can't wait to hear Logan's hearbeat, I wish I had a hearbeat monitor.

Garage Sale & Yard Work!!

While Grandpa Caldwell, Nana and Daddy did some yard work for Mommy, she was off making some money.........

at the Garage Sale!!!! it ended up being a very successful sale. We made some money, but most importantly got rid of most everything. Customers, of course started arriving at 7:30, and even though Mommy had been up since 3:30 I got right into it and bargained away.

Also, while the sale and yard work was going on Nana painted Logan's crown molding. Stay tuned to see Logan's room complete.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Crib got Delivered!!!!!

Here is where our "little boy" is going to sleep!!! You can see the new paint on the wall. All the goodies in the closet that mommy can't stop buying. When the crib got delivered mommy was freaking out because it was a lot bigger than she expected, after measuring and reviewing the size of the room and the changing station that is still on backorder, she ended up having to cancel the changing station. So now it is back to the drawing board for Nana and Vo to figure out what to get instead. (i think we'll go with the Larkin changing table from Pottery Barn, it matches the Larkin Sleigh crib, we have)

So now we can start focusing on the Garage Sale that we are having, once again if anyone has anything they would like to put in the sale just bring on down to the AC on Sept. 5th bright and early and hang out until it goes!!! If if doesn't sell it goes back with you.

"Work in Progress!"

Baby Logan is happy and healthy moving around in momma's belly (only she can feel it though). He is being sure to squish her intestines REAL good, if you know what I mean! :)

While Daddy has been working very hard to get the room ready for Logan. The paint is on the walls, the carpet is cleaned (throughout the entire house). Now he is going to work very hard, with "hopefully" the help of our favorite Uncle Mike, best contractor in California!!!! Thanks to that wise Unlcle Mike we are going to put down a cedar floor in the closet and then hang some new closet doors. Also with the help of Logan's Uncle Rosie, Mike Rosales that is, we are going to get the crown molding up in the next couple of weeks.

Here are some before pictures of the room,

Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's a BOY!!!!!

After a week of stress and anxiety, our baby is healthy! And IT's A BOY!!!!

We went in for our Ultrasound and bloodwork for Down Syndrome testing, after the technician did the ultrasound he brought the doctor in to check out our boy. Doctor Traynor was Amazing! He showed us what they were looking at behind the babies neck and that he didn't really like what he saw. So, he gave us some options we could do the bloodwork go home and wait the 10 - 14 days to get the results, or we could do what is called a CVS (chorionic villus sampling), or wait until we are 20 weeks and have an Amniocentesis done. He indicated that with the CVS we would find out in 48 hours / 7 days.

OF COURSE we went with the CVS. What is a CVS? It is very similar to an amniocentsis, however the doctor is not going into the amniotic sac he is just taking bits of the placenta to test the chromosomes. If he gets enough of the placenta you get results in 48 hours if he doesn't than you wait 7 days. So, he numbed my belly and stuck the needle in (after all the needles I have had to stick myself with this was nothing, until it reached my uterus.) OUCH!!!! Well that was on Thursday, 30th. Dr. Traynor immediatly reassured us of the numbers and statistics and that him and his wife had gone through the exact same senario. When he was done getting his sample, he had gotten enough so that we would get the results on Monday.

Monday came and we called in for the results, but there was a little mix up with the paperwork so we had to wait now until Wednesday. But as everyone kept reassuring us, everything is PERFECT. He, yes remember it is a BOY, has all 46 chromosomes and no more or less. Now we just wait for............


to join our family. Keep up with the happy thoughts and healthy wishes. We still have 5 1/2 months to go!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Baby Heartbeat

We had our first prenatal check up yesterday! All looks well, baby is growing and moving all the time. Watch the video of my belly and you will hear the heartbeat!

I am feeling much better, and we are going to have our nuchal (down syndrome and spinabifiduh) blood test and ultrasound this week. Mitchell is going to get started on painting the babies room this week too! Any volunteers??? :)

Ok well we are headed to Tahoe for a few days for the babies (by the way "Peanut" is what we call the baby) godmother's (Lisa aka Dinha) birthday.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Guess Who's expecting????

That's right we are! We are 3 months pregnant, well Amanda is anyway. Morning Sickness, hah, more like all day sickness. I have been nauseas since 7 weeks, and I am just now starting to feel a lot better. I just have to eat all day long.

Poor Mitchell though he has quite the honey do list:

New closet doors
Window Coverings
Clean carpets
Crown molding

and on top of all that he wants to have a garage sale. What is he thinking???? Well if anyone has anything that they would like to sell, I guess we will be having a garage sale sometime in August. You just have to stay and work until your stuff sells.

I don't think the girls, Bella and Georgia that is (our two pugs) are very excited about the baby. They want to play with all of the baby goodies that we have been receiving from everyone. That is going to take some training.

Were Here!!!!!

Well we finally did it! We have joined the world of, not facebook or myspace but blogging. Everyone kept telling us that we would do it and well here we are.

Mitchell and Amanda Caldwell

Est. July 10, 2004

That's right, we have been married for 5 years and we are still on our honeymoon!

Thanks for having us, you will be hearing lots from us in the next few months.