Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's a BOY!!!!!

After a week of stress and anxiety, our baby is healthy! And IT's A BOY!!!!

We went in for our Ultrasound and bloodwork for Down Syndrome testing, after the technician did the ultrasound he brought the doctor in to check out our boy. Doctor Traynor was Amazing! He showed us what they were looking at behind the babies neck and that he didn't really like what he saw. So, he gave us some options we could do the bloodwork go home and wait the 10 - 14 days to get the results, or we could do what is called a CVS (chorionic villus sampling), or wait until we are 20 weeks and have an Amniocentesis done. He indicated that with the CVS we would find out in 48 hours / 7 days.

OF COURSE we went with the CVS. What is a CVS? It is very similar to an amniocentsis, however the doctor is not going into the amniotic sac he is just taking bits of the placenta to test the chromosomes. If he gets enough of the placenta you get results in 48 hours if he doesn't than you wait 7 days. So, he numbed my belly and stuck the needle in (after all the needles I have had to stick myself with this was nothing, until it reached my uterus.) OUCH!!!! Well that was on Thursday, 30th. Dr. Traynor immediatly reassured us of the numbers and statistics and that him and his wife had gone through the exact same senario. When he was done getting his sample, he had gotten enough so that we would get the results on Monday.

Monday came and we called in for the results, but there was a little mix up with the paperwork so we had to wait now until Wednesday. But as everyone kept reassuring us, everything is PERFECT. He, yes remember it is a BOY, has all 46 chromosomes and no more or less. Now we just wait for............


to join our family. Keep up with the happy thoughts and healthy wishes. We still have 5 1/2 months to go!!!


  1. Yeay, yeay, yeay, so excited you guys are having a boy!!!!!! Love his name, and of course love that he's healthy. Yeay!

  2. Haven't heard better or more exciting news in a long time! When I told Ryan I think he actually "squealed" with me - we are so happy for you two love birds....Can't wait to meet that baby boy!