Wednesday, February 29, 2012

32 Weeks, Oh My!

Dear Hunter,
We went to our check up yesterday and everything is going great! I was shocked to find out that I have only gained a pound, yes 1 single pound, since our last check up. Boy was I shocked, I was for sure thinking that the scale was going to break this appointment. But nope! My blood pressure is perfect and everything is going great! Dr. Mindyn said she is very proud of us, this was a very different experience then when I was expecting your brother, I had already been taken off of work for high blood pressure and major back pain, and I was tipping the scales weighing just about as much as Daddy by now. Surprisingly I have only gained 32 pounds so far! I can't believe it, it is true, EVERY pregnancy is different! I am chasing a toddler around the house and outside and climbing stairs about 50 - 60 times a day, I think that has something to do with it. Because the nightly bowl of ice cream sure doesn't. :) Dr. Mindyn talked about bringing the kick count card into our next appointment but I told her that is somewhat of a joke, I can get 10 kicks out of you in less than 5 minutes, most days, sometimes you make me work for them and push it to 10 minutes. I filled out a bunch of paperwork for the hospital, such as, our birth plan in case we go in to labor before our scheduled labor day, epidural consent, and the big one tubal ligation.......eeeeeekk!!!!! We may be discussing that with daddy a little more, I am getting nervous about that one. Not that I want to have or not have more children, just all of the side effects and I just have a feeling in my stomach that it isn't the right thing for us. I think my body has gone through enough, if you know what I mean. (IVF, ectopic, IVF, etc......)
Logan has a lamb that was given to him as a gift while he was still in my belly and I slept with it until he arrived and now he has slept with it every night since he was born. Well Logan got you a little something to sleep with every night and it made it's appearance yesterday! I have washed it and put it by my bed to start sleeping with it, so it will smell just like mama and daddy, it is the softest and cutest little monkey. I can't wait for you two to meet, I mean you and Logan, you and the monkey too! What would you like to get Logan for a gift? I think it will be nice for you to get him something special to open when you come home, a gift just from you. Give me some ideas! He can open it at the hospital when he comes to meet you for the first time! Speaking of hospital I scheduled our tour so that we can see where we will meet you for the first time and where we will bathe you and change your first diaper. Dr. Mindyn also gave me some very exciting news at our appointment, I actually got teary eyed, she said that they are doing something new during C-Sections and they are allowing the baby to have contact, skin to skin with the mom, right after the cord is cut and you have been wiped a little bit. Daddy will bring you around the curtain and pull my robe down and place you on my chest!!! I am most excited for that moment. I can't believe it is only 53 days until I am holding you in my arms. Oh my........ I love you SO much!

Love Mama
Hugs & Kisses

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Whirlwind of Babysitting and Birthdays......

This last weekend began with a girls with boys night, Lauren and I got together while Ryan and Mitchell went to the Beer Fest in San Francisco, and did girl stuff. First thing on the agenda was Lauren driving the men to Bart so that there wasn't any drinking and driving. So Logan and I watched Finn for about an hour an a half, that was SOOOOOO much fun! Finn is such a good baby and I can see that Logan is going to be a wonderful helper when Hunter arrives. I took Finn's socks off to check out his toes and Logan informed me that his feet were cold and handed me his socks to "put on!" (his words) Logan couldn't stop giving Finn kisses, BIG hugs, and lots of toys to play with.

Happy Finn!!!! Very interested in Logan's juice.

My favorite picture that will have to go an album to show future girlfriends!!! hahaha!
 Tante Lauren told us to feed Finn carrots and well I don't have much space on my lap these days it was only fitting to try out the highchair, Finn actually liked it. When Tante Lauren got back she was amazed that Finn was sitting up so nicely in the highchair, I guess it was his first time.

The following day we headed over to our favorite 4 year old little boy's house for a lego land party adventure. We got there somewhat early to help set up the bounce house and also in hopes that Logan would eat lunch before the festivities began, that kind of took place. But since the Bounce House went up fairly fast and it was in Logan's sight there was no holding him back. He is in love with the bounce house now.

Aj got lots of toys and most of his friends and family were in attendance. 

Yes......the weekend continues with a party at the Francos for a 7 year olds birthday dinner!! Nico is 7, OMG!!! He is so cute, sweet and was nice enough to share and play with the younger cousins, even keeping a very close eye on the youngest, Logan. Logan slipped and fell hit his head pretty good on the hardwood floor and Nico turned around and thought his sister Mia pushed him down and yelled at her. (which of course is not ok to yell at your sister, but very sweet for caring about his little cousin.)
We had a blast and I can't get the chocolate cherry cake out of my mind! 

Next on the calendar......somebody's Sweet 16!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

30 Weeks!!!!!! Oh My......

30 Weeks already? Oh my.....that means that there is only 68 days to go today. I can't believe how fast this time has gone. We are starting to put together all of the plans for where Logan will be, who to call in case I go into labor before my scheduled c-section date. Lists for what to pack in our bags are being compiled, and the nesting process is in full effect. We are still in need of your mattress but Pa has assured me he will be getting it, along with your chair just like your big brothers!!! These last weeks are going to be bittersweet, I can't wait to meet you but I LOVE feeling you move around inside. Daddy says it isn't right how much and how hard you kick but he is just amazed that you are growing inside of me. What will you look like? Will you have hair? Are your eyes going to be blue or grey? I can't wait to kiss you all over!!!! Your Dee (little Amy / Shitbird) is pretty excited to be in the delivery room with us, we have prepared her for the smells, sounds and fears I might have. She is a strong and bright young woman and assures us she is prepared.

Logan, your BIG brother loves you SO much already! He kisses you everyday and tells you hello by putting his finger in my belly button. He thinks it is sooooooo funny! Mommy doesn't like it but I allow it because it is his little thing to do. We are hoping that you will be a sleeper like your big brother was when he came home from the hospital but I am preparing myself for NO sleep. I take naps when Logan takes naps, sometimes, the nesting has kind of kicked those from happening. It is amazing how much you want to get done when a second child is coming even though you prepared yourself, or I did, before the first child came. We know that what ever you are, a sleeper, an eater or not so good eater, or a cranky baby! You are ours and we LOVE you already!!!! Just be healthy with 10 fingers and ten toes and a good set of lungs and everything else will fall into place. 

Love you to the moon and back!
Hugs & Kisses

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Party!!!! Your 2!

It was a party!!!! Lightning McQueen theme, of course, and the race began promptly at 3:30! However, the guest of honour was still taking his nap. But that was ok, family and friends were able to get there, get there beverage of choice (beer, sangria, wine or juice for the kids) and have some snacks all before the racers took off.

       One of Mama's favorite pictures of the day!

All the decorations were placed just right, thanks to my helpers, Daddy, Dinha, Dee, Pa and Nana! Mama had to take it easy, a little bit, Hunter had been acting up all week. 
                                                       Precious sleeping boy!
Anybody who IS anybody was in attendance! Godparents, Tantes, Uncles, Nonna's, Papa Jacs, Cousins and second cousins and don't forget about your girlfriend Emily although her little sister, whom is YOUR age was home ill. Get better Allison so we can have a playdate!

You weren't quite sure of the bounce house at first but after about an hour you warmed up and there was NO getting you out of that thing. Ma even joined in for some bouncing fun! 

After some alright hamburgers and delicious dogs it was time to come in and open some gifts! That was very chaotic for mama, super rushed, you wanted to open every toy that you unwrapped and the last and final gift was the icing on the cake! Uncle Joe got you the Lightning McQueen car!!!! Spoiled boy!

Off to the dining room to sing "Happy Birthday!" and blow out those candles! Look at that cake Dinha made for you!!! A dusty race track complete with Lightning McQueen and Francesco, oh my, you are loved!!!! Clean-up was a breeze thanks to Nonna and Nana for all of there help making sure Mama didn't have much to do later that night or the next day. 

You had fun playing with Boo Boo at the table after lots of your race guests had gone home. Wearing his hat is always a fun thing for you to do.

Until next year, thank you to everyone for all of your excitement and wishes for Logan's 2nd Birthday! It was a great finish!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Dear Logan,

We cannot believe that yet another year has gone by. You are becoming such a sweet and loving little boy, sometimes a little too much of a dare devil for mama to handle but that is ok, keep it up. Everyday truly is a new day. You are talking so much and putting 3 and even 4 words together. We aren't really potty training yet, just because we know that boys take a little longer to teach but we are always asking and encouraging you to go on the potty. You tell us when you go and just the other night you surprised us and actually said yes to sitting on the potty and even a little pee came out. Daddy and I were SO excited we announced it at your party the following day.
In just over 2 months you are going to be a big brother, not quite sure that you understand what that means but we talk about it all of the time and are sure to read you books about it. You are so good with babies, especially your baby cousin Finn. You love to give him hugs and kisses and are always trying to share your toys with him. Hopefully it will be the same for you and Hunter once he arrives. You tell mama that your racoon stuffed animal needs his diaper changed too when you need your diaper changed and I ask if you are going to help change baby Hunters and you say, "ok, yeah".

I think that this next year is going to be a challenging and rewarding one for all of us, I know that you are going to truly become a little more of a person with a big personality and I hope that Daddy and I can make the transition from only child to big brother, to potty trained little boy, to starting school all that much easier and rewarding for you as it will be for us. But have no fear, Logan, we will be patient with you. You will always be my first born, my baby and just as special to me as the day you were born.
I love that you love giving big hugs to daddy saving the big hug and the kiss for mama. It is always cute of you to ask, "watch that one" while pointing your finger at all of the movies in the entertainment center. Usually you pick out one of the Toy Story collection or of course Cars or Cars 2. Going outside and chasing the chickens or picking them up and bringing them to the back door to show mama is another favorite activity, although it makes mama nervous that you are going to hurt one of them, or they may try to peck and that cute little face of yours, but you are fearless.

Stay fearless, get dirty however and whenever you want! This time is SO short for you and you don't even know it. Before long we will be looking at Colleges, I am sure of it. I love you to the moon and back, bud!

Love Always,
Mama and Daddy
Hugs & Kisses!