Wednesday, February 29, 2012

32 Weeks, Oh My!

Dear Hunter,
We went to our check up yesterday and everything is going great! I was shocked to find out that I have only gained a pound, yes 1 single pound, since our last check up. Boy was I shocked, I was for sure thinking that the scale was going to break this appointment. But nope! My blood pressure is perfect and everything is going great! Dr. Mindyn said she is very proud of us, this was a very different experience then when I was expecting your brother, I had already been taken off of work for high blood pressure and major back pain, and I was tipping the scales weighing just about as much as Daddy by now. Surprisingly I have only gained 32 pounds so far! I can't believe it, it is true, EVERY pregnancy is different! I am chasing a toddler around the house and outside and climbing stairs about 50 - 60 times a day, I think that has something to do with it. Because the nightly bowl of ice cream sure doesn't. :) Dr. Mindyn talked about bringing the kick count card into our next appointment but I told her that is somewhat of a joke, I can get 10 kicks out of you in less than 5 minutes, most days, sometimes you make me work for them and push it to 10 minutes. I filled out a bunch of paperwork for the hospital, such as, our birth plan in case we go in to labor before our scheduled labor day, epidural consent, and the big one tubal ligation.......eeeeeekk!!!!! We may be discussing that with daddy a little more, I am getting nervous about that one. Not that I want to have or not have more children, just all of the side effects and I just have a feeling in my stomach that it isn't the right thing for us. I think my body has gone through enough, if you know what I mean. (IVF, ectopic, IVF, etc......)
Logan has a lamb that was given to him as a gift while he was still in my belly and I slept with it until he arrived and now he has slept with it every night since he was born. Well Logan got you a little something to sleep with every night and it made it's appearance yesterday! I have washed it and put it by my bed to start sleeping with it, so it will smell just like mama and daddy, it is the softest and cutest little monkey. I can't wait for you two to meet, I mean you and Logan, you and the monkey too! What would you like to get Logan for a gift? I think it will be nice for you to get him something special to open when you come home, a gift just from you. Give me some ideas! He can open it at the hospital when he comes to meet you for the first time! Speaking of hospital I scheduled our tour so that we can see where we will meet you for the first time and where we will bathe you and change your first diaper. Dr. Mindyn also gave me some very exciting news at our appointment, I actually got teary eyed, she said that they are doing something new during C-Sections and they are allowing the baby to have contact, skin to skin with the mom, right after the cord is cut and you have been wiped a little bit. Daddy will bring you around the curtain and pull my robe down and place you on my chest!!! I am most excited for that moment. I can't believe it is only 53 days until I am holding you in my arms. Oh my........ I love you SO much!

Love Mama
Hugs & Kisses


  1. that was the one bit of news that eased my mind going into my c-section...i was so relieved to hear that i wouldn't miss out on immediate skin to skin - and as promised, finn was on my chest within moments :) can't wait to meet you hunter! xoxo

  2. That made me cry reading about the skin to skin!! What a blessing and what an incredible momma you are!