Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Whirlwind of Babysitting and Birthdays......

This last weekend began with a girls with boys night, Lauren and I got together while Ryan and Mitchell went to the Beer Fest in San Francisco, and did girl stuff. First thing on the agenda was Lauren driving the men to Bart so that there wasn't any drinking and driving. So Logan and I watched Finn for about an hour an a half, that was SOOOOOO much fun! Finn is such a good baby and I can see that Logan is going to be a wonderful helper when Hunter arrives. I took Finn's socks off to check out his toes and Logan informed me that his feet were cold and handed me his socks to "put on!" (his words) Logan couldn't stop giving Finn kisses, BIG hugs, and lots of toys to play with.

Happy Finn!!!! Very interested in Logan's juice.

My favorite picture that will have to go an album to show future girlfriends!!! hahaha!
 Tante Lauren told us to feed Finn carrots and well I don't have much space on my lap these days it was only fitting to try out the highchair, Finn actually liked it. When Tante Lauren got back she was amazed that Finn was sitting up so nicely in the highchair, I guess it was his first time.

The following day we headed over to our favorite 4 year old little boy's house for a lego land party adventure. We got there somewhat early to help set up the bounce house and also in hopes that Logan would eat lunch before the festivities began, that kind of took place. But since the Bounce House went up fairly fast and it was in Logan's sight there was no holding him back. He is in love with the bounce house now.

Aj got lots of toys and most of his friends and family were in attendance. 

Yes......the weekend continues with a party at the Francos for a 7 year olds birthday dinner!! Nico is 7, OMG!!! He is so cute, sweet and was nice enough to share and play with the younger cousins, even keeping a very close eye on the youngest, Logan. Logan slipped and fell hit his head pretty good on the hardwood floor and Nico turned around and thought his sister Mia pushed him down and yelled at her. (which of course is not ok to yell at your sister, but very sweet for caring about his little cousin.)
We had a blast and I can't get the chocolate cherry cake out of my mind! 

Next on the calendar......somebody's Sweet 16!

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