Tuesday, March 27, 2012

36 Weeks.....and Tired, very, very tired!

Dear Hunter,
We are now in the last few weeks of incubating and I know that Daddy can't wait until you arrive. (cause that means Mama will stop the heavy snoring and he can sleep in our bed, and peacefully). Yes I have a bit of a snoring problem this pregnancy. I had it with Logan too, but not nearly as bad. I have even starting using breath right strips, but they aren't helping that much. You are getting a lot heavier too! I can feel a lot of pressure at the base of my belly and walking up and down our stairs, are the biggest chore for me everyday. We get very winded easily and I feel as though I have to sit down more as the day goes on. You are still very active in this tiny space, but that keeps mama's mind at ease feeling you, no matter how sharp the jab may be.
Boo Boo brought over the fish tank so that we could get it all cleaned up for you to give to Logan when we come home from the hospital. Now we just have to figure out what kind of fish to get. Daddy isn't too thrilled about the fish tank, but everyone knows that I will be in charge of cleaning the tank and helping Logan feed the fish. I am sure he will be very excited to get that from you. He has been wanting to give you more kisses and really wants to have you out. He thinks you are a boo boo on my belly so he kisses and hugs it and says Hi Hunter. He has even been showing people your crib and telling them that it is "baby Huntars, bed", sometimes he puts toys in it for you too.

Here is what we look like today!

We have a check-up this Friday to see that you are in position, not that it matters, and check your fluid and size. Can't wait to see how much you have grown! Stay cozy in there little guy!

Your Family March 2012, feeding the ducks at Kennedy Park!

Love you,

Hugs & Kisses

Friday, March 9, 2012


First firehouse visit of 2012, and probably the last where it will just be the 3 of us! I think that the next time we visit daddy at work Hunter will be here too! Although it is a short drive, (about 45 minutes) to the station, it is hard on Mama's bladder and back to sit that long in the car these days. I can't believe how different and exciting it is to go to the firehouse these days, so much to see, so much to do now.

 Compared to 2 years ago!
Logan prefers the truck over the engine, I can't say that I blame him! The truck is bigger, has alot more comparments and he can sit in the tillerman's seat and drive at the back of the truck instead of the front. (like father like son, it's Mitchell's favorite too!)
 Mama's favorite picture of the day.......
Do you think he will be a fireman?
 Logan's favorite part of the day was pulling hose up the hill and back and up the hill again and again and again.....(you get the picture) and then connecting it to the hydrant and playing in the water. We all know he doesn't like to be dirty, remember the Art Time Disaster ? Getting wet while at the firehouse was nothing like that, but he did have to keep reminding me that he got wet, "mama I wettttt!"

These days as I prepare to welcome one baby boy into this world, I wonder what the other will be when he grows up, or what he will do when we bring Hunter home from the hospital. I am taking everyday, every precious day in that I have left with only one boy in my life and trying to remember all of the special or sweet things he does or says. Stay tuned for the next visit to the firehouse with Logan and Hunter.