Thursday, August 11, 2011

Beach, Dirtbike, Cousins and The Napa Town & Country Fair......

Mitchell just had Eight (YES 8) Wonderful days off, to spend some R&R with his family!!! Logan and I. So it was only fitting that we head over to the beach for one of those days! We took a special girl with us whom now has a new name. For some reason grandparents, aunts, uncles, god-parents and cousins all wish to be called that one special name, but it never fails that the child will and does come up with there own name. This certain somebody had a little help coming up with her name......

 we liked to call her Diva, cause that is exactly what she is! However, Logan decided this weekend to change it to an even more special name, "Dee". Which I find to be very sweet and true! She is a mini Dee! (or as I like to call her "shitbird") Yes they both fell asleep in the car, on the way to the beach!!!! We hadn't even been on the road 30 minutes, mind you it was only 10 am and they were both passed out. Logan for obvious reasons, he is still growing, Shitbird however, well........she is a teenager. (enough said, I feel a yearbook photo opportunity when she graduates.)

We had a blast, looking for seashells, building sandcastles so Logan can stomp them down with his shovel, chasing seagulls which decided to eat my Hershey's bars directly from Logan's diaper bag while we took a stroll down the beach! (I was not happy!!!!)

 Our big boy!!! 1 1/2, I just can't believe it!!!! Time is flying by.

Back at home Mitchell put Logan's training wheels on his dirtbike and now he wears his big boy helmet. (THANK YOU, PA!!!!!!) Mitchell is enjoying teaching him where the throttle is now, but NOW I am being informed that there is NO kit to adjust the throttle!!! Pa is going to rig something up to put this mama's heart just a little at ease.

Daddy went back to work and the house was too quiet, so when Joey called and said he needed a babysitter, I found it only fitting to offer to take my godchildren to the fair. Not just ANY fair, my fair, Napa Town & Country Fair that is, on opening day!!!! Logan was thrilled to have Karly and Jaron over for dinner, bath and bedtime!!! The next morning once Logan was up, I let Jaron and Karly go in and surprise him that they were still here. He was so excited he wouldn't even come to me to get him out of his crib, he said "no Jarrrrin!" Look at that grip and grin!

After a nice big breakfast, diaper bag packed and comfy shoes on my feet we set out for the fair tickets in hand. The only thing we were missing was ride bracelets, but don't worry they came shortly after a visit around the barn a silly photo op, and down the midway we went.

I didn't know what daredevils I had for godchildren.....Karly and Jaron will go on anything!!! Except the zipper, but only because Karly didn't want to and they wouldn't allow Jaron on he was still too small. They went on it all, Bumper Cars, The Hammer, Starship 2000, Surfs Up, Tornado, Wet & Wild, Bumper Cars, Silver Streek, did I mention Bumper Cars? Not just once either, at least half a dozen times EACH!!! 

Have you heard of Walk on Water? Apparently it is the new cool thing. You wouldn't catch me getting in this thing. It is a pool filled with water and then these giant beach balls blown up with a blower, (yeah like a leaf blower) then you crawl inside the beach ball and you are zipped in it!! I am not kidding, and of course these two wanted to do, so they suckered me in to paying for this. After they were inside these things I was re-thinking that move. SO WAS LOGAN!!! He obviously was worried about them too! See?

 CORNDOG!!! That is all I have to say!

 Logan was allowed on only two of the rides in the kiddie section! The Train and the Elephant, poor little buddy, but he loved them. Jaron and Karly were troopers too and went on them with him since I didn't want to let any of them out of my site. Plus, I am not a rides person. Maybe when Logan gets older and if he begs me to! But I think I will leave the carnival, Disneyland and all rides to his Dad or any other brave soul.

We had a blast! But we were all exhausted by the time we left. All Day at the fair is tiring, especially with no re-inforcements!!! But we will be braving another day this weekend, just Logan, Mitchell and I. Anybody want to join us?