Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Visiting Daddy!

Daddy went to work on Friday and was planning on staying there until Monday! So mommy told me we were going to surprise him and go visit on Sunday. So we woke up somewhat early, got ready, baked cookies and headed down to have lunch with Daddy, Uncle Rosie and Uncle Al. I wasn't too sure about the station at first, plus with no nap I was in a little bit of a mood, but once I saw that engine I just wanted to hang out in the apparatus bay and take it all in.

Uncle Rosie called Aunt Monica whom was just at the San Francisco Zoo with Mason and Natalia so when she was done she headed over for a little visit too! That was fun cause Mason and I ran all over the station. Which was sure to make for a nap on the way home. Mommy was thankful for that.

Since mommy made her specialty chocolate chip cookies, and I was a good boy, I was given one for the first time and I didn't leave a crumb on my highchair. I picked up every little crumb that was left. Now mommy has to get a cookie jar so she can keep it stocked just for me.

On Monday when daddy got home we started to plant our garden, we went down to Midcity Nursery, in American Canyon, to pick up some paydirt and some tomatoe cages to get those planted. I had so much fun with my red bucket and shovel (thank you Tante Colette!) helping mommy dig the holes and planting them. Stay tuned for more on our garden, we will be working on it somemore this weekend. 

Oh yeah I helped water them too, see?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Saint Patricks Day!

It is amazing how much one can grow and change in a year!

    3/17/2010                                                                                            3/17/2011


Believe it or not this boy is sick. He just got back from the doctor with Daddy where the doctor said to let this horrible cold / flu run it's course for another week. We hope you are all going to enjoy your Corned Beef and Cabbage and Green Beer!


This is how we are feeling in our household this week!!!!

I am very sick.......we shall see what the doctor says today. Daddy and I are there now while mommy is home getting some rest. Will post St. Patrick's Day post later.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Busy is an understatement!

The week after Logan's birthday we had this special guys 3rd Birthday! He is our dear sweet, loving, caring and all BOY AJ. Logan looks up to him so much and had so much fun dancing to the music and watching musical chairs take place at his party. This was the first party that Logan was able to really enjoy.

There was lots of boys to play with, balloons to look at and of course Logan's favorite Diva, Amy was there.
But most of all he loved hanging out at the gate watching the horse, sheep and goats run around.

Since the weather has been so nice, he has done nothing short of ask to go outside, in Logan's words he points and says "OUT." So we have gone on many walks, played in the dirt in the backyard, pulled weeds, planted flowers, chased the girls, and most importantly riden both of Logan's KTM bikes. Not only the bicycle balance bike but yes the dirt bike too! (with daddy's assistance)

I, Mommy, had to shift gears immediately following Logan and Aj's birthdays and start in on the preparation for this special ladies 60th. That's right believe it or not my mama, or Logan's Nana is now a beautiful 60 years old. The planning for this special day took months, but once the kid parties were over, Brandy and I got to work right away on all of the details.

(picture taken 3/6/2010)

The tables were adorned with Hydranga's wrapped in a tea leaf inside of a glass vase, napkins (courtesy of Tante Colette, from Lauren's wedding) with a scalloped edge placecard placed neatly on top and finished off with a small green apple accent. The entire winery (Valley Gate Vineyards) was just beaming with mom touches.

The food, catering courtesy of Alex's Catering, whom Brandy did the honors of arranging all of the fabulous food on the menu. She is amazing at what she does at Bliss. I am just fortunate enough to call her not only my sister-in-law but also my friend.

But most of all it took this mama's breath away and that was her children's goal.

So now we will be getting back to life as we know it once this horrible cold has left our house. For days we were sure that the fever and congestion, Logan has, was just teeth coming in but as of Thursday it has gone into a horrible cough and mama has a stuffy head. So we will be laying low and hoping that we can attend our first swim lesson on Saturday. But we will have to wait and see what the doctors orders are.