Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Halloween 2012! What a blast! Although it rained we made the most of it. Started off in the morning with the boys waking in matching pj's and helping mama bake cupcakes, storytime the night before with daddy and alot of playing in there bedrooms. Logan insists these days that Hunter play with him. Hunter doesn't really play but he sure does enjoy just sitting in Logan's room watching him play. I like to listen from the outside to Logan telling Hunter what toy he can play with or not play with. Lucky for Logan, Hunter doesn't tell him what toy he wants to play with just yet.

While the Chicken Caccitore simmers on the stove, the boys and I all get dressed in our Halloween costumes. They weren't really costumes for anyone but Hunter though, everyday clothes for the rest of us. Daddy, Mama and Logan were cowboys (or cowgirl) and Hunter was our prize Bull. Pretty fitting for our heavyweight.

I attempted to put freckles on my cheeks (more cause I guess I don't have enough naturally) and Logan didn't like that, he informed me "mama you sick, you need to go to bed right now"

Boo Boo insisted on bringing down Pistachio for the festivities! We found Logan his saddle just in time for Halloween. It was a hit of course, all the neighbors came out to see what the neighing was coming from. Logan couldn't have been happier, he wanted Pistachio to come inside, it's all he can talk about.

A boy and his horse!
and Grandparents too!
Mustache pumpkin was Mitchell's, mine was an owl but you couldn't tell. Until next year! Give us ideas for a family costume again!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin Patch (visit # 3) and final!!

Nonna really wanted to take the boys to the pumpkin patch, so we arranged to meet there on the weekend while daddy was at work. The boys loved it, well Logan anyway, there isn't much Hunter doesn't not like these days. Except being hungry. There were still tractor rides, hay slides and a hay maze. (yes stanly lane again, my favorite) Logan really wanted to inspect the tractor most of the time while we were there this trip.

I was able to snap some pretty cute pics of the boys today though!

                       Hunter: 6 Months   Logan: 2 Years 8 months

We had a blast! Came right home with all of our mini pumpkins to get started on our Halloween dinner table crafts! Stay tuned for Halloween night pics!

Pumpkin Carving and the Coffin Races, What?

Friday night was spent with the Franco's carving pumpkins! They had all the right tools and space, plus Manya made a delicious dinner. Spaghetti and Meat Balls, yummy! Mitchell and I haven't carved pumpkins in years, so we printed out stencils of what we wanted and voila! It made it pretty easy, for Mitchell anyway. I taped on the stencil and dotted out the outline then he did the gutting and carving.

Logan was suppose to help but he would rather pick up all the seeds off the floor or play with the pumpkins insides. Maybe next year he will be more in to it?

Miss Mia had the cutest pumpkin, hearts for eyes and nose and some big puffy cheeks with a big smile, Nico's was too scary

and well you will have to wait for Halloween pics to see ours!

Coffin races the next day were cool! There were about 10 to 15 themed coffins, my favorite was the Geanie in a coffin one! Those woman were awesome!
Logan had an alright time, not much to do for the kids, except trick-or-treat through the near by businesses.

All in all it was a nice, HOT, family day out. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pumpkin Patch (visit #2)

Back to Stanly Lane, I just can't stay away! This time we met up with our cousins, Nacho, Nico, Manya and Mia. What a blast the kids had running around through the pumpkins up on the hay stack, down the slide and in and out of the maze. It is so fun watching them teach each other new things and care for one another. It is family love. It is always a good time when we get together. Hunter sat back, mellow as usual and just took it all in. Next year he will be right there in the middle of the maze with them.

Big Pining and Aunt Sari joined in on the action, pushing Logan around in the wheel barrel and spoiling each one of them with yet another pumpkin, cause the 8 that we bought just a few days before weren't enough. Although the one Aunt Sari picked is my favorite and is front and center on my dining room table.

Franco Family 2012

Caldwell Family 2012

Miss Mia is so in love with Hunter it is just too much. I went to take him from her arms, thinking she would want to run around and play, however I was quickly almost pulled down to the ground with her because of the tight grip she had on him. She wouldn't let him go, she said, "no I will hold him".

Can't wait to carve pumpkins with this little family and stay tuned for yet another trip to the patch!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkin Patch (visit #1)

Stanly Lane Pumpkin Patch 2012 was a wonderful success, it's our favorite. First trip was on a Friday, Shitbird ditched school to go with us, and the boys were so excited for her to be there. Logan ran all around picking up every pumpkin he could and trying to pick up some he couldn't. Hunter was in a sleepy mood so no smiles in these pictures. Fall is my favorite time of year, the smell of rain coming the colors changing and the decorating. Ooooohhhhh the decorating, I love pumpkins and Halloween and Thanksgiving. Of course Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It is a day to just be greatful, of your family, health and the feast that is put on the beautifully set table. Plus it is usually within days of my birthday.

I couldn't resist posting the pic of Hunter after he fell down from sitting up, too cute!

Yes he did eat a little straw.

Logan drove the tractor, rode the pig a few times and like I said picked up a few pumpkins using his grunting and funny faces to help him.

Pumpkin Patch 2012

I couldn't resist being a kid again and going down the hay tower slide with my boy! You can't say no to play time! He was in love, couldn't get enough.

Logan 2 Years 8 Months
Amy 16 Years 7 3/4 Months
Hunter 5 1/2 Months

Friday, October 19, 2012

6 Months "Oh Boy!"

Dear Hunter, you turned 6 months old yesterday! Oh my, where has the time gone. I just can't believe that in another 6 months you will be 1. You are beginning to get quite a little personality. You love to be sung to, and tickled and most importantly you are in love with your brother. Everything must stop when you hear his voice, including nursing. Which at times is very frustrating to me, but I still love that you are enamoured with him. You are now eating 3 solid meals a day because you have decided that you don't want to sleep through the night anymore. Your day is the following, you wake up anywhere from 5:30 to 6:30 AM nurse and go back to bed for a couple hours, (Logan wakes around 6:45 or 7, so there is no sleeping in for mommy anymore) then you wake around 9 and eat some bananas and Oatmeal, we usually go for a nice long walk, about 2 miles, with a stop at the park. Then it is back home to nurse around 11 or so, then you get pears and rice and nurse and go down for a nap, which these days is about 30 to 45 minutes. boo hoo!!!! Nurse again around 4 or 4:30, eat dinner around 6 or 6:30 (which is either sweet potatoes or butternut squash with a little rice, soon to try green beans), nursing right after you finish. Around 7:45 you take a bath with Logan, which you insist on now. If you hear that water running and you aren't in the bath with him you are screaming with anger. I think it's pretty cute, it's just one more way you show us you love your brother. While your screaming Logan is asking over and over and over again if "Hunter take a bath with me?", which is his way of showing that he loves you. You nurse again around 8 or 8:30 and again aroud 10 or 10:30. Then it is off to bed. You are my alarm clock around 2:45 every morning, you just want your back rubbed or to be rocked. No longer are you being swaddled, as of the last few days, we thought that was why you were waking up. Who knows now though. Hopefully you will figure it out soon though, mama can't function on 5 1/2 or 6 hours sleep. We are starting the cry it out method now.
We are so in love with every little noise you make, you are a squealer, that is for sure and you can sure hit some pretty high notes with it. We are trying to get lots of video recording in of you and Logan so that you have something to watch when you guys are older, it's pretty funny watching him put stickers on your head or telling you which toy to play with or not to spit up. He is quite the attentive big brother. Halloween is coming up and mama is pretty excited about your costume and trick-or-treating.

 Logan insisted on being in on the 6 month shot, so we took off your nice shirt (Logan said you were going to spit up) and snapped a couple of you two together. You both wanted to watch the cartoons on T.V. or make silly faces by sticking your tongue out. I am so in love with both of you I just didn't think it was possible for a heart to grow so much, but mine sure has. I am soaking in every minute with you two cause once these days are over there are only days when you are older and arguing or beating each other up. (hopefully not for many years)
Love you so much!
Hugs & Kisses

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cerini Family Picnic

For some time now my cousin Manya has been doing some digging for more family. As if my family wasn't big enough already, she was successful in finding some relatives that live in Switzerland a cousin his wife and there children. After finding the 5 of them, that opened up finding a few more families that live here nearby. Elio and his wife planned to come to the States to visit so like any Italian family you have to get together and meet with food. Manya arranged a lovely day in the park for all of us to meet, eat lunch and play in the park. Some were meeting for the first time and some were just to catching up.
This is just a picture of all that could attend, there were quite a few that didn't make it.
The kids had a blast having a picnic together with sandwiches, cookies and the ever tasty Pirates Booty.

It was so nice to get out of the house for the day with the kids and hang out with family and relax. 
 Logan was so relaxed and having such a good time that when nature called he wasn't shy. He simply pulled his pants down and went. My new found cousin informed me, "it's ok, it's better than him going in his pants." True, very true.

Evelyn Cerini Cabral's Family
Lucchesi Park 2012
(I love how Logan is kissing on Hunter's arm, I didn't even know that until I downloaded the pic)