Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Halloween 2012! What a blast! Although it rained we made the most of it. Started off in the morning with the boys waking in matching pj's and helping mama bake cupcakes, storytime the night before with daddy and alot of playing in there bedrooms. Logan insists these days that Hunter play with him. Hunter doesn't really play but he sure does enjoy just sitting in Logan's room watching him play. I like to listen from the outside to Logan telling Hunter what toy he can play with or not play with. Lucky for Logan, Hunter doesn't tell him what toy he wants to play with just yet.

While the Chicken Caccitore simmers on the stove, the boys and I all get dressed in our Halloween costumes. They weren't really costumes for anyone but Hunter though, everyday clothes for the rest of us. Daddy, Mama and Logan were cowboys (or cowgirl) and Hunter was our prize Bull. Pretty fitting for our heavyweight.

I attempted to put freckles on my cheeks (more cause I guess I don't have enough naturally) and Logan didn't like that, he informed me "mama you sick, you need to go to bed right now"

Boo Boo insisted on bringing down Pistachio for the festivities! We found Logan his saddle just in time for Halloween. It was a hit of course, all the neighbors came out to see what the neighing was coming from. Logan couldn't have been happier, he wanted Pistachio to come inside, it's all he can talk about.

A boy and his horse!
and Grandparents too!
Mustache pumpkin was Mitchell's, mine was an owl but you couldn't tell. Until next year! Give us ideas for a family costume again!

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