Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pumpkin Patch (visit #2)

Back to Stanly Lane, I just can't stay away! This time we met up with our cousins, Nacho, Nico, Manya and Mia. What a blast the kids had running around through the pumpkins up on the hay stack, down the slide and in and out of the maze. It is so fun watching them teach each other new things and care for one another. It is family love. It is always a good time when we get together. Hunter sat back, mellow as usual and just took it all in. Next year he will be right there in the middle of the maze with them.

Big Pining and Aunt Sari joined in on the action, pushing Logan around in the wheel barrel and spoiling each one of them with yet another pumpkin, cause the 8 that we bought just a few days before weren't enough. Although the one Aunt Sari picked is my favorite and is front and center on my dining room table.

Franco Family 2012

Caldwell Family 2012

Miss Mia is so in love with Hunter it is just too much. I went to take him from her arms, thinking she would want to run around and play, however I was quickly almost pulled down to the ground with her because of the tight grip she had on him. She wouldn't let him go, she said, "no I will hold him".

Can't wait to carve pumpkins with this little family and stay tuned for yet another trip to the patch!

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