Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Party!!!! Your 2!

It was a party!!!! Lightning McQueen theme, of course, and the race began promptly at 3:30! However, the guest of honour was still taking his nap. But that was ok, family and friends were able to get there, get there beverage of choice (beer, sangria, wine or juice for the kids) and have some snacks all before the racers took off.

       One of Mama's favorite pictures of the day!

All the decorations were placed just right, thanks to my helpers, Daddy, Dinha, Dee, Pa and Nana! Mama had to take it easy, a little bit, Hunter had been acting up all week. 
                                                       Precious sleeping boy!
Anybody who IS anybody was in attendance! Godparents, Tantes, Uncles, Nonna's, Papa Jacs, Cousins and second cousins and don't forget about your girlfriend Emily although her little sister, whom is YOUR age was home ill. Get better Allison so we can have a playdate!

You weren't quite sure of the bounce house at first but after about an hour you warmed up and there was NO getting you out of that thing. Ma even joined in for some bouncing fun! 

After some alright hamburgers and delicious dogs it was time to come in and open some gifts! That was very chaotic for mama, super rushed, you wanted to open every toy that you unwrapped and the last and final gift was the icing on the cake! Uncle Joe got you the Lightning McQueen car!!!! Spoiled boy!

Off to the dining room to sing "Happy Birthday!" and blow out those candles! Look at that cake Dinha made for you!!! A dusty race track complete with Lightning McQueen and Francesco, oh my, you are loved!!!! Clean-up was a breeze thanks to Nonna and Nana for all of there help making sure Mama didn't have much to do later that night or the next day. 

You had fun playing with Boo Boo at the table after lots of your race guests had gone home. Wearing his hat is always a fun thing for you to do.

Until next year, thank you to everyone for all of your excitement and wishes for Logan's 2nd Birthday! It was a great finish!!!

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