Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Crib got Delivered!!!!!

Here is where our "little boy" is going to sleep!!! You can see the new paint on the wall. All the goodies in the closet that mommy can't stop buying. When the crib got delivered mommy was freaking out because it was a lot bigger than she expected, after measuring and reviewing the size of the room and the changing station that is still on backorder, she ended up having to cancel the changing station. So now it is back to the drawing board for Nana and Vo to figure out what to get instead. (i think we'll go with the Larkin changing table from Pottery Barn, it matches the Larkin Sleigh crib, we have)

So now we can start focusing on the Garage Sale that we are having, once again if anyone has anything they would like to put in the sale just bring on down to the AC on Sept. 5th bright and early and hang out until it goes!!! If if doesn't sell it goes back with you.

1 comment:

  1. WOW! The room looks great! I love the crib, it looks like a little ship that he can sail through the night in..... :) Can't believe you parted with your beloved changing station however... Love the paint color too. And I agree, that "Uncle Mike" is the best contractor this side of the Mississippi :)