Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thank you Nana!!!

Nana came by on Saturday to deliver the bassinet, diapers (cloth) and help with planting in the backyard. This is where Logan will be sleeping when he comes home from the hospital. It rocks, and the basket comes right out of the frame so that you can set him anywhere in the house. Now he has a comfy place to sleep for his first couple of months. (maybe more.....)

We were able to get all of the diapers washed and ready for his arrival, I think I am going to be nesting the entire 9 months. I just can't seem to sit still, everytime I think of something that needs to be cleaned, washed, planted or fixed we get right to work. Some people say I may have a little bit of OCD, but I am just excited to prepare for his arrival, and any little thing I can do ahead of time, like washing diapers and putting them back together, helps keep me relaxed.
Stay tuned for more to come with Logan's room.........Daddy is still working on that closet.

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  1. You are going to love how the basket comes out, so nice!!