Thursday, October 22, 2009

"He kicked me and Daddy too!"

Sorry we haven't written in awhile, we just haven't had much time. Getting Logan's room finished and spending time away. So let's see, where to begin..........

Sept. 25th, HE KICKED ME!! and I mean not just a little light kick he kicked and kicked and kept at it for a few minutes. Mitchell wasn't home, he was at work so of course I called the station to give him the news. He didn't want to believe it and was very jealous. But have no fear....... on

Sept. 27th at 19:57 while daddy and I were watching TV, daddy was resting his hand on mommy's belly and Logan was at it again! Mitchell's face lit up with excitement and he wouldn't and still to this day won't keep his hands off my belly. Which is a good thing, because Logan and daddy already have a bond. Whenever Mitchell's hand is on my belly Logan starts to kick and roll around.

Now I am already 25 weeks and I am sure that even without Mitchell's hand on my belly Logan is going and has started to kick without any encouragement. We talk to him, read to him and tell him how much we love him. Well, maybe I should rephrase that, I tell him these things and read to him. While Mitchell tells him all about Mommy and her emotional roller coaster that she is on. I AM PREGNANT, what does he expect! :) We will be in touch!

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  1. Awwww how precious!!! Sadly, our baby doesn't kick as much as Emily did! Erik has only felt her a couple times. Maybe it's because she's breech - I am not sure?

    Such an exciting time isn't it! :) are allowed to be on an emotional roller coaster - even after the baby is here!

    Next time Mitchell complains about the roller coaster - use my line... "Hey...I am creating life over here...what are YOU doing?" Or...if he complains that he's so tired from this or that - that line works well for that too! :) Trust me...I've tried it - millions of times! LMAO!