Saturday, September 12, 2009

We did It, We are officially Registered!!!!!

Mitchell and I did it, we went up to Sacramento and registered for EVERYTHING that we need. I don't think he realized how much it takes to care for a baby. He had more fun doing the toys, and bath time goodies than anything else. Goore's in Sacramento is a huge, 30,000 square foot warehouse complete with everything you need. I picked there to register first because although it is far away, you can shop online and if you go to any other baby store and buy something that is on my registry at Goore's you simply tell the store you are at to request the item be taken off my registry at Goore's and they make the call. But have no fear we are also registered at Target and Pottery Barn Kids, for those of you that wish to go into a more local store.

I went with Dinha (Lisa) to Target on Thursday night to get that completed, that was fun. She was so excited, and was reminding me of when she had Amy, almost 14 years ago! Wow!! I really do know how time flys, I am cherishing everyday of being pregnant and will cherish everyday when Logan is finally here.

I am starting to feel like myself again, which is good. No more morning sickness, headaches or nausea. YEAH!!!! The first three months were rough. We will keep you up to date, next week we have our 20 week check up with Dr. King, whom is fabulous by the way. Then we are off to Walnut Creek for our final two appointments with the prenatal specialist and prenatal cardiologist. Can't wait to hear Logan's hearbeat, I wish I had a hearbeat monitor.

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  1. YAY for registering!!! Erik and I just got our baby furniture (nothing like waiting til last minute) ordered on Friday. We have probably a 9 week wait on one of the items. I may not quite have 9 weeks left! AHHHHH!!!!