Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tess "the Princess" Turned 4!

It is a new year and Logan is at that age now where he LOVES to be around his cousins and play, play, play. So with a new year beginning, birthday season on the Cabral family is in FULL effect! First up.........Princess Tess with a  Christmas themed birthday party. Her birthday is January 17th, so Christmas themed is just right. Santa even came to the party........

Before Santa came there was pin the star on the tree and then Santa made his grand entrance while all of the kids were playing peacefully outside. Logan of course wanted nothing to do with Santa, remember "Visiting Santa"? He was cool just driving around in the fisher price car.

Santa invited all the kids to come inside out of the cold and play a game of musical chairs with him. Logan again kept to himself with a few other little ones playing in the other room. Which was a good thing because cake came right after musical chairs and I didn't have to be a mean / bad mama and tell him No to cake. (no worries he will get some on his birthday.

Then it was time to bundle up and go back outside for the Reindeer Pinata! Yes Reindeer, remember Christmas theme party. Again Logan was happy driving around in the car, although Big Pining tried hiding it from him a couple of times, but that didn't last, my boy has skills and is too smart for that.

Give me a week and you will see the best party of all!!!! (for the year!) Logan is turning 2! Stay tuned.

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