Friday, December 30, 2011

Spoiled yet again, for Christmas!

Christmas began in the Caldwell house the day before Christmas Eve, with baking and cooking. I made Cabral Green jell-o salad, Va's famous Fudge, my famous Chocolate Chip Cookies, Deviled Eggs, Lasagna and a Quiche! Yes all of that for two different family Christmases!!!! It was the perfect day for a nesting mother to be.

Christmas Eve started bright and early with Pa, Ma, Grandma and Grandpa Caldwell coming over for Quiche, scones, fruit salad and of course PRESENTS!!!! Logan was in heaven, ripping paper with Daddy just waiting to see what was inside. Yes he did get spoiled. His favorite gift out of everything is the art easel, believe it or not after the Art disaster, he has wanted to do nothing else but draw.

Christmas Eve we headed over to Pining, Auntie B's and Aj's for a Lasagna and Ravioli feast and maybe some special sweet treats. There was a Christmas light walk, fun and games with all of my cousins and we recieved our matching pajama's from Nana! Then it was off to bath and bed to get, what was suppose to be a good nights sleep, before Santa Claus came with all the presents.

Christmas Morning 2011!
(still can't put the race cars down that Uncle Joe got for me!)

Boo Boo and Nana spoiled me with clothes, two pairs of shoes, clothes, Hot Wheels 4 Wheeler, Clothes and of course my annual snow globe! I had LOTS of fun with AJ, of course! We loved seeing what we got for eachother and playing with what we got for eachother too!

Cabral Family Christmas 2011
(Amy 15, Logan 1, AJ 3, Jaron 8, Karly 11)
Train from Santa!

Christmas went on to continue back at our house, and yes there was more baking and cooking. I made Snickerdoodle Cookies, German Chocolate Cake, Puttanesca (an italian spaghetti), Brussel Sprouts and Mitchell's homemade Ceasar Salad, for Nonna, Papa Jac and Granny Rita. YES, more spoiling occured! Logan got his very first drill set, a couple of books and a Firehouse complete with 3 Fire Apparatus! He really enjoyed drawing with Papa Jac and Nonna on his Easel and becoming a present all wrapped up!

I am sure that next year will bring an entirely different type of spoiling all together, and I am sure that it may be difficult for Logan to understand the meaning of these are Hunter's toys and these are Logan's toys, but as the saying goes, Boys will be boys! Yes we have taken down all the Christmas decorations and the tree and put our house back in order. We are preparing to ring in 2012, not sure mama will make it to midnight, with cider and yummy food! Thank you to everyone for making this Christmas so special and memorable, we love you all!

Love, The Caldwell's

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