Tuesday, December 20, 2011

22 Weeks!

Dear Hunter,
Wow! Are we really over half way there? Will we get to meet you that soon?

We are feeling you kicking and squirming all of the time now. Daddy has felt it too! It is the funniest thing but as soon as his hand hits my belly or grabs me for a hug you start to give us some action. So of course he pokes at you to see if you will poke back. You two already have a bond and you aren't even here yet. You LOVE French Toast, we have to have it once a week, and vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and bananas is still a favorite every night. Christmas is almost here just a few more days away, and there will be lots of good things coming your way. (as in good food!)

We have a visit with a new doctor today, can't wait to meet who will be helping us bring you into the world. Maybe we will even find out exactly what day. Logan loves to say hello to you, through my belly button though. I am not to keen of that, I don't like little fingers poking my belly button. Logan sure thinks it's funny! Your room is ready for you, I just have to get some laundry done and get you a mattress for your crib, Aj is going to let you borrow his crib mattress. Daddy has to build a shelf for all those knick knacks I know you will be getting. Ok well, stay nice a cozy in there! We love you so much!

Love, Mama

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