Friday, December 16, 2011

Art Time DISASTER!!!!

Logan loves to draw in the bathtub and on paper, so I thought that since we had gotten rain on Wednesday night and it was not a pretty day on Thursday that I would surprise him, for the first time, and set up his paints and paper for some finger painting. He came walking in the kitchen and was very interested in what I had set up so I showed him paint on my finger and on the paper and then.......
We put a little paint on his hand, hoping to make a handprint, however, if you can't tell from this face how disgusted he was by the fact that his "hand durty!" (his words, not mine, over and over)

I am sure that you can tell from this picture that he was not having IT! His hand was "durty" his foot was "durty" and he did not like the painting idea at ALL! I still saved the picture we made to remind him of this first time and what a DISASTER it turned out to be. I guess he isn't Vincent Van Gogh just yet! 
Mama will not be defeated in this, there will be much more painting lessons to come!

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