Monday, December 19, 2011

Ist Annual Cousin Cioppino

Saturday night was our 1st Annual Cousin Cioppino Feed, not all were in attendance however we still made the most of it! It was Cioppino for the adults and homemade pomodoro sauce for the kids. However, for some reason the kids didn't want to eat they really wanted to play. They all get along so well and play somewhat nicely with one another.

After dinner Uncle Mitchell decided he would get them all riled up and rowdy while Uncle Angelo just wanted them to sit quietly and watch a movie. It was a great night, talking about everyone's plans for Christmas and trying to arrange a time that we could all get together for Christmas, starting next year. The men were tired from a long week of work while us ladies just wanted to stay and visit and watch the kids play.  The night didn't last as long as the first cousin get together, but I am sure that January at the Franco's will bring on a different meaning to late night all together.
Until next time, Merry Christmas and Happy Family!!!

(P.S. Logan's cheeks are rosy from being wind chapped and a little from running around)

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