Wednesday, April 25, 2012

40 Weeks, but wait something is different!

Hunter has arrived! I was due on April 20th but Hunter decided to make his grand entrance into the world on Wednesday, April 18th at 12:39pm. So sorry no belly shot for my 40 week date, instead I am holding our healthy baby boy in my arms. I started contractions at about 5:45 am on the 18th and monitored them until about 8 am. Then we called in to Labor and Delivery to see what they recommended, they had me monitor them for about another hour an a half and at that time I was having them pretty close together and pretty strong, so they said come on in and we will see what is going on. I knew I was having him, I wanted to wait until the 19th to have him on my brothers birthday but Hunter had his own plan of having his own birthday. By the time (10:15 am), we got to the hospital my contractions were 2 minutes apart and every other one was VERY strong. Nurse Vicki said, "looks like your having a baby today!" They didn't want me going through any laboring since I was scheduled for a c-section on Monday, April 23rd, so everything happened very fast. I was taken right in for c-section, along with my team, Mitchell, of course and our beautiful and very strong  god-daughter Amy.

Here we are a week later with two beautiful boys! Logan is SO in Love with his "baby." He wants to know where he is at all times, give him kisses and hugs and hold him. If Hunter starts to cry he talks to him and tells him "it's ok baby hunta." Logan has been pretty spoiled with lots of visitors and special gifts. Hunter bought Logan some Legos for the day he came home and also got him a Beta fish for his room, whom is known as Diego fish. It has been pretty amazing all of the help and food that has been brought to us! Nonna and Papa Jac made us Lasagna for our first night home as a family of four. Tante's and Dinha brought Villa Corona for lunch with Mochachini's from Java Hut, and played out in the new fire hydrant sprinkler Logan got. Then of course Nana and Boo Boo have been over helping with laundry and house cleaning while making me my favorite, fried chicken with gravy and corn! Yummy!!!! Can't wait to see what Logan's Dinha brings us next week, and I know that Tante Lauren has got some pretty amazing Enchiladas coming my way next week too! But first Auntie B, Pining and AJ will be here with some famous chicken enchiladas from Auntie B's kitchen!!!

Now our family is complete!

LOVE x 2!!!

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  1. I have been waiting for this post! What a beautiful family of four! And how awesome that he wanted to come on his terms and knew the 18th was his day! Beautiful!