Thursday, April 12, 2012


Easter, one of my favorite Holidays!!! This year started out on the Thursday before with Pa and Ma coming over to dye eggs. Logan of course wanted to drink the dye, I think he thought it was juice. It was fun watching Daddy, Logan and Pa talk about the colors and if they should stay in the dye longer. Daddy worked on Easter so we gave Logan his Easter basket full of new Lightning McQueen sheets, Max & Ruby book and of course a nice big backpack. He has been asking for a backpack for weeks. He loves to wear it around the house and fill it with all kinds of toys.

On Easter Sunday we headed over to Boo Boo and Nana's, Mama usually hosts Easter at her house but with Hunter scheduled to arrive in only 12 days, Nana insisted on having everyone at her house. Thank you, Nana!!!!! Of course mama couldn't resist helping with all of the planning, right down to the decorations and invitations.
Strict orders from Daddy though, she was to stay off of her feet! Dinha and Dee made sure that happened, they helped Nana ALOT! 
    Hunter's first present, handmade boots!

Easter was a little bittersweet for Mama this year, my last holiday with just my one boy! Next holiday I will be a mother of two, I just can't believe it! 

Nonna and Papa Jac came out for Easter Day! Nonna brought some delicious Pioneer Woman potatoes, I will be making those as soon as I get a minute! She also brought Logan some pretty sweet boots for this Winter!

Pa and Ma came with Great Grandma and Grandpa Caldwell, they brought Logan a life vest for summer camping at Icehouse and beyond! Logan loves to wear it around the house.

Oh the food! Lots and lots of food! Ham, deep fried Turkey, salads of all kinds, beans, potatoes, potatoe salad, rolls, etc.......

Finn was there! Oh the many faces of Finn!!! As soon as he got there, Logan and him were SO excited to see one another, I hear there was squealing and hugging that just wouldn't stop!

Finally, the HUNT! Dozens and Dozens of eggs, cousins and friends all helping one another out to find that one special egg! Too cute! Can't wait until next year!!!

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