Friday, April 13, 2012

38, almost 39 weeks.........whew!

Dear Hunter,

We are literally almost there! We had a check-up today, it was supposed to be our last but you haven't really been cooperating the last few days. Meaning, I haven't felt you moving like I have the last 9 months and well my blood pressure is a little high. So today, what was suppose to be an in and out doctor appointment ended up being about a two hour appointment. Complete with blood pressure check and re-check, stress test and ultrasound and blood work! Good news though, you are safe and sound in the belly, just running out of room and you have dropped down even more into position than you were two weeks ago. That explains the cramping I have been having.

We have already been getting spoiled with visitors bringing us dinner! The Mortimores came over last week and brought a nice dinner, then Pa and Ma came over to dye Easter eggs with Logan and asked to bring dinner, Taqueria, YUM! Tonight, oh tonight, the Tante's are bringing dinner. Ravioli's and Malfati's from Lawlers with garlic bread and salad. Tante Lauren is bringing ice cream from Leatherby's, my favorite, to make sundaes, then it is slumber party time equipped with scary movies, to keep with the theme of Friday the 13th! Then on Saturday, my Shitbird, your Dee is coming over to take care of me and Logan! I can't believe she is 16 and wanting to hang out here with me, although we are pretty special, and she always says we have the best food to snack on.

Daddy installed your carseat a couple of days ago and it is a little bittersweet to think that in just a week I will be driving around with two boys in my backseat! (ok, well I won't be driving for a couple of months, daddy will be) I can't believe that after thinking for SO long that we wouldn't have any children and now to think we are going to have TWO! It is just amazing, Daddy and I couldn't be happier and can't wait to meet you. Keep moving around in there and stay cozy for at least a little bit longer. If you want to come on the 19th I am sure that Uncle Joe would be thrilled!

We love you!!!

Love, Mama
Hugs & Kisses


  1. You are on your way Hunter. I am so very excited to meet you. Love you xoxo

  2. You are on your way Hunter. I am so very excited to meet you. Xoxoxo <3 Dinha or Tante or whatever you choose to call me.