Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Visitors, Baths, Cousins, and 1st trip out!

Our first 3 weeks have been a whirlwind! It just doesn't seem possible to have had 3 weeks go by already. We have been so spoiled with all the family bringing dinners, lunch or even just coming over to play with Logan so that Mitchell and I could get some laundry done, or just sit and visit with one another. The dinners have been amazing, Nonna's Lasagna, Brandy's special enchiladas, Manya's amazing meatballs and she even made Va's chocolate cream pie for dessert! Nana's fried chicken, Auntie Lisa picked up Lawlers, one of mama's favorites, and we can't leave out Pa's specialty, steaks on the BBQ. My freezer is stocked with dinners to throw in the oven too! (thank you Tante Lauren for making grandma's special enchiladas, can't wait to bake those).

Hunter is a wonderful Nurser and sleeper, however we are still trying to figure out the nights. He is a little bit of a tease when it comes to sleeping through the night. He will wake up every 2.5 hours for a few nights and then surprise us with a couple 4.5 hours of sleep for a couple nights. Not sure what we are doing different on those days, but I know it will get figured out soon enough. Logan is SO in love with him, he always wants to know where Hunta is, and if he can kiss his head, and of course he has to tickle his feet anytime he gets the chance. Whenever he kisses or hugs him he is always sure to tell him "I love you sow mooch." It just melts my heart.

Hunter's first bath was just as exciting as when we gave Logan his, except this time Logan was the helper! He liked getting Hunter wet and splashing the water in Hunter's bath instead of in his own. He pointed out that Hunter has a pee pee and is in the pee pee club with Logan and Daddy. Hunter does not like being taken out of the water, and I am sure that is for a number of reasons. 

Our first outing as a family of 4 was to the Oxbow Farmers market on Monday morning, when Hunter was almost 2 weeks old. I was dying to get out of the house and of course wanted to show off my new baby boy. Even though he slept in the baby carrier I wore the entire time. We met up with Aunt Manya and Uncle Nacho, walked all around looking at the wonderful veggies, no fruit that week, and of course the fresh cut flowers!!!!!

First official picture in his chair!!!
1 Week old! 

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