Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Tuesday morning Logan and I took down Halloween decorations, only Halloween, we left up all the fall stuff, ate a good breakfast and got dressed and headed to the Library. Logan's 1st visit to the library was exhausting. He LOVES books, actually that is an understatement, he is infatuated with books, so as soon as we walked in, he wanted to pull all of them off the shelf and show me every one. I kept hear, "Mama buk, Mama buk!" Pointing, grabbing, tugging, it was too cute. But he was in store for quite a surprise, it was Storytime and there were 10 other little kids there to listen as well. We walked over and introduced ourselves to Miss Susan, made a name tag and grabbed a comfy seat in the corner.

Reading, singing, dancing and more reading. It was wonderful! He wanted to look at the books on the shelf more than listen to Miss Susan but I am sure that next week will be better. His patience and understanding that he gets to pick out 4 books after Storytime and take them home will soon be remembered, right????? (4 books is my limit, not sure if the library has a limit)

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