Friday, November 18, 2011

Baby and I......

Dear Baby,

Yup, this is what we look like now! I can't believe how much our belly has popped out in the last couple of weeks. I started to feel flutters a couple of weeks ago. But yesterday I felt you moving all day, I think it was because of the French Toast and OJ for breakfast and then the Glucose test a couple of hours after that and maybe the Reeses Peanut Butter cups I couldn't say "no" to! I am sure it is a safe bet to say that you will be affected by caffine and sugar just like your mama.

We will find out what you are in a couple of weeks and I am starting to get VERY excited for that. There is a 50/50 bet going on what you are, I keep telling everyone you are healthy and that is all that matters, but some are determined you are a.......girl. Only time will tell.

Love you and stay cozy in that belly!

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  1. oh man...i am so glad to see you taking belly pics! you and lil' giraffe look just perfect together :) xoxo L