Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Halloween 2011

NASA Astronaut

The morning started out early with a visit to Pa's office. Each floor and each office had a different theme and well as you can see from the pictures the County went ALL out! Pa's office was birthday theme as you walked around every cubicle was celebrating a different birthday. Logan loved his age cubicle because it was equipped with teddy bears, baby dolls, stuffed animals and toys!

The Tax Collector's office was jungle theme and Logan rode around in a safari jeep, (well it didn't move, but he pretended it did). The basement had a Harley Davidson theme and well, BIKE city and Bar, yes a Bar with homemade Rootbeer! 

That night the festivities continued with all of Logan's peeps showing up for the homemade Lasagna mama made, and cupcakes and brownies. Boo Boo came with a wig, Pa brought all the candy, Nonna brought Granny Rita and a delicious smelling candle for Mama, she knows how I luv my candles.

Four Generations of Caldwell Men! Look at how handsome!

Uncle Bruce and Aunt Nell made the trip all the way from Georgia to see Logan go out Trick-or-treating, well really it was for Grandma Caldwell's 86th Birthday. Happy Birthday Grandma, we love you! Logan did not care for Trick-or-treating, I think it was going out in the dark and not knowing what to expect, plus our streets were filled with kids. I am sure next year will be a different story.

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