Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wine Country Tractor Pull!!!!!! yeah baby.....

First of all it is hard to believe that Logan is almost 1 and a 1/2 let alone that we are already taking him to Tractor Pulls! It worked out perfect though. He went to swim lessons first thing in the morning, which Grandma and Grandpa Caldwell came to see what a good swimmer he is (tadpole really :)) Then it was home for lunch and a nap. Once he woke up it was time to get ready and head off to Taqueria in Napa for his first official dinner out with the gang! The Osorios, Pining, Auntie B, AJ and Grandma, Grandpa were all there. As we inhaled our dinner Logan made friends with a sweet little girl, she came over to ask all kinds of questions about him, How old is he? Where did you get his lunch pale? What is his name? etc. too cute! Then we headed off to the Napa Fairgrounds, the event started at 5:30 and we got there just in time for the first pull! Pining found front row seats and halfway through the event we were allowed to snag a box seat for the group.

Logan LOVED it! Although I wasn't sure at first if he was enjoying himself, he kept pointing and saying "Truck", smart little guy, cause first it was the locals trying to pull with there hopped up trucks.

 See him pointing? Look at those lips all puckered to say "Truck!" Finally after I put my ear to his mouth I could tell he was enjoying it, he was trying to make the same sounds the trucks were making. " Boy were they sure loud, hence the ear plugs!"

Look at how time flys, Roman is 6 going into First Grade and Mateo is 2. What cutie pies! They sure Love there Tia Manda and Tio Mitchell too!

 Sweet Family!!!!! Aj was having a blast too! Pointing out all of the trucks and playing with Roman. They think they are the same age but we have to remind Roman that Aj is only 3. This little man holds a dear place in my heart, so much like his father!

Logan kept eyeing Grandpa (or Pa, which is what Logan calls him), and wanted to sit with him most of the time. That is his buddy! 

Once in the box seats Logan learned really quick what it means to be let go to roam all around. He sat in the big boy chair and enjoyed a close up look at all the tractors, that's right now it was time for the main events. Tractors for the tractor pull! AWESOME!!!

 The event worked out perfect! It started at 5:30 and we could leave after most of the main event Tractors went to get Logan home and in bed a little later than normal. He had a blast most of the way home he was talking about truck this and truck that. We tried to get him to say tractor, it sounded like actor.
 I can't believe my little baby is now a big boy! He is testing us with new things everyday and eating all sorts of yummy big boy food too! Bananas are of course his favorite but we have ventured into the fresh fruits and vegetables now that we go to Farmers Market every week. He loves strawberries, peaches, nectarines, green beans, zucchini and artichokes!

We love you big guy!

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