Sunday, June 5, 2011


Camping! Logan's first camping trip was AMAZING!!! He was such a camper, nothing bothers him. He slept like a champ, napped like a champ and even ate like a champ. I will apologize now for all of the pictures, but I just couldn't pick which were my favorites. (and this is all that you get to see, I took 171 pictures over 5 nights and 6 days of camping.)

We went to Van Damme State Park which is just outside of Mendocino and Fort Brag. The entire family went, we left on a Friday with Nana (my mom), Diva (Little Amy) and of course Daddy and met up with Pining (Angelo), Auntie B and Aj who picked up Jaron on the way.

As soon as we got there the boys started playing and laughing all while we set up our tent, and the trailer. The plan was for Nana, Diva, Jaron, AJ and Logan to all sleep in the trailer. Which happened quite nicely the first night. Everyone went to bed just fine, and you could even hear snoring from outside the trailer. Which of course Jaron informed us was Nana, but Nana said, "It's just a truck driving by!" The second night however was a little different, I think Nana's snoring caused AJ to have a bad dream, he said "I kept hearing bears." Which we thought was for sure to be Nana's snoring. So at 2 in the morning AJ woke up crying and wanting Daddy. I had to go in and calm Logan down, he was startled with AJ's crying. But Logan only stayed calm until about 4 in the morning, then daddy went and got him and brought him into our tent to sleep. Believe it or not this was the first time EVER that Logan has gotten in bed to sleep with Mommy and Daddy. It was sure an experience, he wanted to talk to Mommy and Daddy and show us where our eyes, nose, ears and hair was. Finally at about 5:30 he fell back to sleep. 

Banana Slugs!!!! Enough said. 

Vo (or as Logan calls him "Boo Boo") surprised all of his grandkids and rode his Harley up on Saturday afternoon and stayed overnight. The boys were all so excited, and Diva was just beside herself that her Papa would take such a ride to see all of them. 

While Vo dryed off and warmed up from that wet and logn ride all of us walked across the street to the beach. It was a little chilly but we made the most of it, and you can't go to the beach without getting your toes and fingers in the sand as well as getting a little wet. So I entertained AJ and Logan by splashing around in the water. Then Diva and I took in some rays together while everyone else walked down the beachline.

You can't go camping without having everyone's favorite dessert, SMORES, I surprised Jaron by teaching him all about how to make a smore and what it was. They were chocolaty and goooy and DElicious.

On Sunday, Daddy, Logan and I were very sad to see Vo, Pining, Auntie B, AJ and Diva all go home, but we knew that the next brave group of souls were going to be coming up to stay with us. So in true Nana fashion she made a delicious breakfast, Bacon, eggs and fried potatoes! After all was gone we loaded up and headed into Fort Brag for some hot fresh coffee and Nana can't take her boys to town without spoilin' them with a toy. We hit up the one toy store, then headed over for some hot fresh Clam Chowder from a local who has been in business for 65 years. That brought back some Pismo memories for me.

Happy Family!
 Camping 2011

Grandpa Caldwell made it up late Sunday afternoon to camp the remainder of the week with us. That was sure exciting, we had never camped with Grandpa before. He was able to see just how we do things. I don't think he knew exactly how much we could all eat. That was a quiet and relaxing day, Logan had his very first Shower that night with Mommy and Daddy. He was so exhausted from the last two days that he was falling asleep in Daddy's arms in the shower.

Daddy's Birthday! Happy Birthday Daddy, they were getting cozy by the fire after a very relaxing day together. Nana surprised daddy and made him a German chocolate cake, in the trailer, and some salami peppercini rolls. He couldn't believe it when she brought all that out for him.

We did get rain a couple of the days we were camping, so I kept Logan bundled up nice and toasty in this one piece suit and rain boots.

 Our last full day we couldn't resist, once we saw that bright light peek through the trees we headed for the beach. Logan and I played in the sand making sandcastles, well really I played in the sand, he picked up sticks and logs. Daddy and Grandpa went for a kayak ride in the water up river.

Mommy's favorite picture! (that she shared in the blog) 

Cool shades dude! There's that log you drug up and down the beach.

You wanted to get in the kayak with grandpa so bad, he made mommy so nervous. You didn't even leave the sand bank, mommy tried to explain to grandpa that you could jump out very easily. He didn't listen so mommy had to walk away, while you sat in it with grandpa. Nana took it for a putt around the river too! She had lots of fun, everyone kept wanting mommy to do it, "No thank you!"

Best Camper 2011
Yet another favorite picture of mommy's!

We will be going camping again very soon

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