Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Logan and his GIRLS! That is what we call them anyway. Every morning after breakfast we ask Logan if he would like to say " Goodmorning" to his girls and he runs straight to the garage door. First he waves quickly as he runs past the chickens in there box and then it is off to his dirtbike to tap on it and say "rideabike" ( as in, " Can I ride my bike?"). These days Daddy has been working so much mommy has had to say no, but luckily for me, he can easily be distracted still with the dirtbike in hand. I know that isn't going to last very long.
 He knows to be gentle with them, but sometimes he needs reminding. The chickens weren't too sure about the lawn so they weren't moving much and he thought it would be funny to chase and kick at them. Yes, I know, kicking, yeah he is all Toddler and all BOY now. By the way he doesn't like to be told No either.

We are trying to enjoy how much he loves to cuddle and love these days cause we know that they are coming to a fast hault, where they will be far and few throughout a day. So at the end of each day we, mommy and daddy, take turns tucking him in at night because he still loves to rest his head on our shoulders and tuck his arms under his belly just before giving us a kiss and leaning towards his crib telling us he is ready to be put down for the night.

Until next time, we are off to enjoy the Memorial Weekend!!! (and daddy's birthday)


  1. Sweet post and great pictures! I think Logan will be like AJ... a cuddle bug. Especially with his mommy and daddy!

  2. You'll have to let us know how you like the chickens! We we'd thinking about getting some next year. That is too funny that he kicks them. I'm sure not too funny, but it is! What a cutie!