Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mother's Day.....Garden and Chickens!!!!

Wow! Has it really been that long since I have posted? Logan has been up to so much. He only wants to be outside, or in the garage staring at his dirtbike or talking to the chickens. That's right we have chickens now.

Well it all started on the Saturday of Mother's Day weekend, Mitchell was at work so Logan and I made plans to spend the day with Nana planting her garden. This way I could have some special time with my mom! Just the two of us.....well three I mean four of us. We were lucky enough for not only Logan to be there but also AJ! Logan's best buddy. He taught Logan how to go down the slide, this is for the very first time. Finally he was able to go down sitting up right instead of on his tummy, that was a lot of fun, but it was easier to go down on his belly.

They got bored with that after awhile so Logan played on the motorcycle while AJ and I looked at all the wildlife and planted tomatoes. He was sure impressed with the big toad under ground......can you see his big eyes in the hole? He wasn't too sure about the birds nest inside the ivy, I think because he couldn't really see the babies.

 Then Vo came home with a big surprise for Nana and I, the boys loved the chickens SO much, but didn't quite understand why they couldn't hold them. On Sunday, Mother's Day Logan and Mitchell surprised me with Roses, Champagne a homemade fruit salad, canadian bacon and eggs (the food list is for Tante Lauren, we all know how much she is enjoying her food right now) then after nap time we went out to pick up our baby chicks at Nana and Vo's house, after daddy built the proper box for them to stay in at our house.


A day with Mitchell home just isn't complete without Logan asking "ridabike?" ( ride the bike, is what that means) So of course I got to watch my boys pop a wheely, which you can tell from Logan's face is the BEST thing EVER! He truly loves his dirtbike and his Daddy!

I will keep you posted on the garden, it is so big and growing like crazy now. As I mentioned we do nothing else but hang out in the backyard, so alot has been done back there. I will take some photos and get you all up to date.

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  1. chickens!?!!?! how cool! i bet logan is in heaven :) so glad you had a happy mother's day. xoxox