Sunday, June 19, 2011

Parent & Me Swim Lessons!!!!!

We spent our Saturday morning in the pool as a family! Logan started swim lessons, and LOVES it! He is a complete natural, he was probably a fish in his past life because he was kicking, splashing, blowing bubbles and asking to be put down the entire time. We had so much fun passing him back and forth, he would be in Daddy's arms and ask to swim with Mama, or in Mama's arms and ask to swim with Dada. He was of course a flirt like his mother, he had all the lifeguard ladies ooooing and ahing over him.

I think his favorite part was singing songs and swimming in a circle, he kept asking for more! It was fun to see other parents our age with there little swimmers too, lots of little girls to grow up with in American Canyon! (Rancho) Only one little boy close to Logan's age, but he wasn't happy, hopefully next week we can make friends with him. He made us so proud acting like a natural in the water, and that sure gave me a peace of mind for when Dada is at work and Mama gets to take him by herself.

I can't believe how grown up he is. Walking, Talking and now swimming!!! What is next? The days go by so fast, I don't want to miss anything or have him miss out on anything himself. He is filling mine and Mitchell's life with such joy, we are having the BEST time being parents. 

Join us any Saturday from now until the middle of August, just be at our house by 10 am and you can walk to the pool too!

He had such an appetite that day that for dinner he even tried his first ear of corn!

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  1. Yay for swimming lessons, so much fun! Now you need to come up and visit and swim whenever we want! July or August? I want to see Logan show off!