Saturday, July 16, 2011

4th of July!!!!!!

I was reminded yesterday that it has been quite some time since I have blogged! Sorry, that we took a little hiatus, it has been busy around the Caldwell Farm though. The garden has taken over the backyard, tomatoes are being picked daily, zucchini is coming out of our ears and we can't wait until that corn is ready for the picking! Lemon Cucumbers however, are having a mind of there own as well as the green beans. (pictures of garden to come soon!) So......what have we been up to well, swim lessons which are a blast and the end result a WONDERFUL nap! We have played in the sandbox, played with our chickens, donated a couple of chickens to family members and hung out with family, family and more family.

On July 3rd we headed up to Angwin to celebrate a little 4th of July with Nonna and Papa Jac and some of there fabulous friends and family. Logan got to meet Quinn and Elias for the first time since being born, that was very exciting to see three boys with in 2 years age difference from Logan and 2 months difference playing and trying to share or not share toys with each other. Can't wait to see them again!

 Nonna took Logan for a walk around the vineyard! Which of course he loved, he always gets lots of special attention from his Nonna!

These two men are special and dear to my heart! They have made all of my wishes and dreams come true! Are they just the most handsome and loving men you have ever seen!

4th of July!!!! It was finally here and my tables were waiting to be set for all my company, but first it was off to the parade to watch Pa and the tractor make there grand entrance, but it was only complete because this special man and his beautiful wife were there to watch it with us. Logan sat in his lap the entire time while I snapped pictures and text Mitchell all kinds of updates. ( he had to work, :( )

Sorry no pictures from my party, because I had a very unhappy boy and I never once picked up my camera, only my iphone to text Mitchell lots of pictures. So it seems we will not be having a bounce house at our house anytime soon again, as Logan DOES NOT like them. If you so much as say "bounce house or jumpy", he is crying and screaming and wants to go inside. Everyday is a new day! He loved the bounce house after his birthday with Jackson and him jumping in it, but just could really care less about it now.

Stay tuned for garden and yet another camping trip update!

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  1. Logan is teaching us so much! Mommy and Daddy have the best boy ever! love you, Nonna