Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our Garden in full bloom!

The Caldwell Garden is in full bloom! We are picking tomatoes, lemon cucumbers, zucchini and green beans everyday. Unfortunately the strawberries are being eaten by the chickens and Bella, so we haven't been able to be so lucky with those. My flowers are looking amazing too, I am starting to get a green thumb, I guess that is what staying home with a 1 1/2 year old will do to you. I feel so fortunate that Mitchell has given me not just one of my dreams but many of my dreams come true, the most important one for the both of us though has of course been Logan. We couldn't have asked for a healthier, happier little boy. He truly has given us some of our most happiest moments.

Now on to the garden......do you remember what it looked like in the beginning? Check it out for a re-cap before you scroll through the updates.
Can you believe how big the girls, chickens that is, have gotten?  Of course they all have names too! Betty, Grave Digger, Thomas, and Cacciatore, (AJ named the two boy names for him and Logan and Mitchell and I named the other two.) They are keeping all of the bugs, snails, some weeds and of course all the green foilage on our garden down, they are fun to watch though.
That is our corn, yes it is about 6' tall and the green tall stuff here in the bottom right is my sunflowers, hopefully they will get flowers soon. I LOVE sunflowers!
A favorite of mine from our camping trip, look at those DIRTY hands, and yes he has a scratch on his forehead from falling out of the trailer and a bump on his eye from falling outside on a rock. His knees are all skinned up and he has bruises that I don't know how he got. The life of a boy, he had so much fun.

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