Monday, September 17, 2012

Van Damme Camping (Trip #3)

 Van Damme 1st Annual Caldwell Group Camping trip on the Mendocino Coast was a success!!! There was plenty of food, good company and lots of exploring and bike riding for the kids. Once the kids were in bed it was adult time around the campfire telling stories and talking about the good ole days! 2 out of the 4 days we had sunshine!

Dinners were a nice time to cook together and share each others meals, there was never not enough food and nobody went to bed hungry. However, if you woke up hungry there was sure to be enough breakfast as well.

Even the big kids (Mitchell) played around on the bikes. Some were learning how to ride there striders and others were doing jumps and coasting downhill.

Manya brought Peanut Butter Nutella crispie treats, I brought goody bags for s'mores and homemade cookies! There was definately an endless amount of food, sweets included. 

Me and my boy! He loves to hold my hand, he will say "hold my han mama" I had to photograph that moment!

Breakfast, pancakes, eggs, linguicia, bacon and fruit, complete with lots of coffee and Oj, followed by Lego battleship and a good hike.

My Happy Campers! Slept through the night and missed most of there naps, and still continued to have fun! The last morning we were sure to help each other load up and clean up camp while eating delicious homemade cinnamon rolls! Thank you Nonna!!!
Let us know if your interested in next years group camping trip, we will add you to the email.

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