Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy 5 MonthDay! (a few days late)

Dear Hunter,
you are quite the little looker these days. Always keeping your eye on your mama, Logan and Daddy. We don't go far from you otherwise tears and red upset screams come with it. You are so much fun, laughing and talking, it is really hard to watch T.V. or talk to daddy because you always have to get your two sense in, which is just mumbo jumbo right now. We occassionally ask that you keep it down but very quickly remember that this will pass and we will miss it. (unless your a talker like me.) You started waking up every night around 3 am crying. We weren't sure if it was because you were un-swaddled or hungry. I tried really hard not to nurse you at these times, most of the time you would go back to sleep after we re-swaddled you, but sometimes mama would just let you nurse. Your now eating Oatmeal for breakfast and Rice Cereal for dinner, and now you are back to sleeping through the night. I am going to be making you some sweet potatoes this week, hopefully you like them. You have started rolling over all of the time now, as soon as you are layed out on your play mat you go right over to your belly and start looking around. It is the cutest thing, seeing that big head of yours raised as high as it will go so you can see what is going on. You also started hanging out in the jumperoo, which you love because you can really watch Logan in the living room playing with his toys, and you try to talk to him but he says "hey stop doing that" everytime you start to talk, just because he can't hear his cartoons.

As you can see from this picture below you are topping the scales at almost 18 pounds and you are only 5 months old. We think that you will be outweighing your brother before too long, but hopefully you will have a growth spurt in length, I don't know how much more I can let these diapers out. just kidding!

Everyone has a hard time remembering what Logan looked like at your age so here is a refresher for everyone! Totally different than you! Also at 5 months he weighed 15 lbs 10 oz., however you surpassed that at 4 months weighing 16 lbs 1.9 oz.

Logan 5 months old                                                    

Logan 3 months old, visiting with Tante's                   
We are so in love with you and your brother, words couldn't even begin to explain it. You are still so enamoured with Logan too, that whenever you hear his voice you instantly stop what you are doing, nursing included, and look all over for him. I hope that when you are both grown young men that love and devotion will remain. Can't wait to see how much you will enjoy real food this month.
Love you always,
Hugs & Kisses

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