Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Heartbeat......

A Heartbeat.......Yes it is true we are having another baby! I heard the hearbeat for the first time the other day, and of course it brought tears to my eyes. I remember when we heard Logan's for the first time, this was just as special. I am blessed and so lucky to be having another baby. Although it hasn't been easy for Mitchell and I to get pregnant we are so excited that we are being given the chance to go through it all again.

This pregnancy has been a scary one for us. We went through IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) again this time and transferred two very healthy embryos. When we took our first pregnancy test at about 4 weeks, we were so excited to hear the "Your Pregnant" results from our nurse Laura, our numbers were really high and she told us there could be a possibility of twins. (that made us a little nervous) The next blood test was another good one, our numbers were climbing just like they should be, we could breath a little easier now.

At almost 6 weeks Mitchell and I were getting ready to have an afternoon date, when all of a sudden like a ton of bricks I was having some major cramping, I had to lay down it was like I was in labor. Of course this was followed by lots of blood, when we called the nurse she said that there was nothing we could do except wait. Yeah, that is really what I wanted to do! She said that coming in or doing blood work wouldn't give them a definitive answer. I just kept thinking this was a nightmare, how could I be given this last chance and then have it taken away. Positive thoughts was what everyone kept telling me, there were lots of tears and sleepless nights for the next few days. I was still having morning, well all day sickness, so that was a good sign. I just knew deep down that I was still pregnant, but the bleeding wouldn't stop.

Finally on Thursday, Sept. 1st we went in for our ultrasound, and were given EXCITING news, there was still a baby there, with a very strong heartbeat, 134 beats per minute.

They told me to expect bleeding, but that I shouldn't have any clotting or cramping, nothing should change from what I have been experiencing. Unfortunatly for the next two weeks it was still a roller coaster ride, still bleeding and a lot of taking it easy, with Logan running around and wanting to be picked up. I had quite a few ultrasounds in those two weeks, I needed some serious piece of mind. I know right......the saga continues, they are pretty confident that I was pregnant with twins and miscarried one of them. 

But rest assured I am now 12 weeks and 2 days and I am starting to feel like myself, only pregnant!!!! My belly is HUGE, for 3 months, but that is typical I hear for the second or third pregnancies. I am trusting that my body knows what it is doing and I have an amazing support system. My family and friends have been here to take care of me and Logan and make sure that my positive and happy thoughts remain. Having babies has always been one of my dreams and I am getting to make those dreams reality. Thank you, we couldn't do this without all of you!!!! Here is a picture of our healthy baby, a few weeks ago.

Our little giraffe!
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