Thursday, September 29, 2011

Train Town

Last weekend we finally had a family day! Just the three of us, Mitchell has been working like crazy taking Engineer exam after Engineer exam and after it being over, and him passing ( YAY!!!!!) We thought, Logan and I that is, that we would take him to lunch at a little brewery in Sonoma, Hopmonk. But you can't take a 19 month old (almost 20 months) to Sonoma, pass Train Town and not go there.

So, after lunch we headed over to Train Town for Logan's very first train ride and visit. Of course it really isn't all that, but he absolutely LOVED it. He loved riding on the trains, feeding the animals, riding on the train through dark tunnels, and seeing all the other little kids. We didn't hang out to do any of the rides that they have, swings, airplanes, ferris wheel, carousel, because they only had one conductor for all the rides.

We will definatly be going back just for Logan and recommend that any parent take there child! It is an inexpensive close activity to do and the excitement that they get is what it is all about. Next stop is the Railroad Museum or maybe the SF Zoo!

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