Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pumpkin Patch!!!!!!!

Fall, Autumn, Harvest, whatever time of year you call it, it is FABULOUS!!! My favorite time of year, the colors, the smell, the endless decorating ideas we are in love.

First stop was to Pa's house for his pumpkin patch, he sure grew alot of pumpkins this year for his grandson. (by mistake, yes by mistake, a volunteer plant started growing in early spring and well Pa just had to water to see what new species he was growing. Turns out it was a volunteer pumpkin, but not just 1 pumpkin, 50, YES 50 from a volunteer plant. Logan went over and had the pick of the patch, we took home 10, but I think we will be going back for more.

Then a week later, we met up with Logan's best buddy and cousin AJ at our annual spot, Stanley Lane. The boys had fun picking pumpkins, riding in the wagon, checking out the pigs

Climbing on the hay fort and in the hay fort. Throwing eachother down in the hay and dragging around in the hay. To be young and not have allergies yet. Climbing on the tractors and driving them WAS there absolute favorite part though. 

It was a gorgeous day, warm and musty out and perfect for picking all those festive pumpkins for our home. Mama and baby were hungry though after all that walking around, so off to Mary's Pizza it was.

Stay tuned for post of our Halloween decorations and crafts!

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