Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nonna and Papa Jac!

On Saturday night, after daddy had been gone for three days straight, mommy invited Nonna and Papa Jac over to relax with us after our garden was in and daddy was home making margaritas! So when I woke up from my nice long nap, Nonna and Papa Jac showed up to enjoy the beautiful sunshine in our refreshed backyard. It is my new hang out after all. I showed Papa Jac the neighbors dog through the fence and where all the worms are.

After the wind started to build up and the sun started to go down we went inside for my early Easter present. Yay me! I got a nice pair of summer pajamas, TWO plates and a new sippy cup with a straw. Which I LOVE by the way! Thank you, Nonna and Papa Jac

After I was tucked away nicely in my crib (ship, is what it is called if you ask Tante Lauren, she said I go sailing through the night in it!) Daddy built a nice fire in the chimney outside and I am told they enjoyed lots of wine before going in to have some delicious Nutella soufle's, courtesy of Nonna.
The girls enjoyed the fire too! Especially eating the sparks that flew off of it.

The next morning, as usual, it was time for some fresh air and playing on my bicycle and in the dirt while they enjoyed Huevos Rancheros and coffee!

It was a FABULOUS weekend! Mommy will update with pictures of the garden later in the week.


  1. wowza...a night at your house is like a night at a retreat! campfire, wine, AND huevos rancheros? fun times. p.s. i think i spied some cute little saltwater sandals on a cute little boy!!! xoxo

  2. Margaritas and wine, you're killing me! Can't wait to get this kid out of me :)