Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gone Fishin'

Daddy wanted to have Sunday off to go fishin' with the boys, but duty called (or overtime) and he had to go in. Lucky for me mommy isn't afraid to hang with the boys when Vo set up a fishing trip out at the ranch she loaded me and my toys up promptly after breakfast and headed out to meet up with everyone.

Don't worry I didn't sit in the back of the truck while Vo was driving.....but I did get to help with the butterfly net and I was able to see the cows and all the geese. My favorite part was hanging out with my big cousin or as we call eachother my "partner" all morning. He is so cool! I chatted up a storm to him, and he kept asking mommy, "what is he saying?" She would make something up that would make him laugh, then I would laugh. Well we just kept doing that for hours.

After only being there for 5 minutes (seriously, 5 minutes!!!!!) Aj went head first in the water, Pining (Angelo) grabbed him by the back of his pants and pulled him out. Aj was not happy and was very cold after that. Then Jaron walked the wrong way and went right through muddy cow tracks, his feet sunk so far down that when he pulled his foot out, he lost his shoes!!! Seriously, he LOST his shoes. Vo had to dig them out.

These are my big cousins and I, I love them so much!

We're pretty frickin' cute!

Pictures speak a thousand words!
mommy has tears in her is amazing how much my little boy has grown and how loving he is. He adores his Vo!

Pining with all of us! We had so much fun, and we didn't even catch anything.

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