Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wolf Creek Camping (Trip #2)

Wolf Creek Campground on the Union Valley Reservoir is officially our favorite spot! The drive isn't too bad about 2.5 hours, and the weather, oh the weather is amazing!! High 80's to low 90's and the water is perfect for bathing and swimming. Yes, I said "bathing" there are no bathrooms at this campground. Aj and my parents came along for the trip and even Pa surprised Logan and came up for a night.

Night bike ride complete with head-lamps, they didn't come off the remainder of the trip. Thank you Boo-Boo for those! 

First full day we hit up the water for a nice relaxing swim and some soaking up of the sun to work on our tans. The boys had a blast, even Hunter relaxed in his little sun-room. He just loves to be laying around kicking his feet and talking away these days. Logan preferred to be playing in the sand with his dump truck.

The next day by the lake Uncle Mitchell thought it would be fun to teach Aj how to jump off the rock. At first Aj was a little afraid, he is a Cabral afterall, but once Uncle Mitchell held his hand and jumped with him there was no stopping him. Logan even jumped with them a few times. Thank goodness for the Caldwell jean, mama doesn't have it in her.

Keeping the sun off my baby was a little hard in this heat, he was pretty much in a diaper the entire trip. A little vitamin D is good for you, right?
 Butt Crack!!!

    Logan: 2 1/2 Years    Hunter: 3 Months

Yes, we got a flat tire and the boys learned how to change it. There was alot of "Why"
 and "I do it" going on during that 20 minute tire change. Thank goodness Boo-Boo was napping. 

Fabulous trip! Fabulous Weather! Fabulous company! Can't wait for our next camping adventure.

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